Dennehy's Roommate Not in Hiding, Cousin Says

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The roommate of missing Baylor University (search) basketball player Patrick Dennehy (search) is not in hiding and hired an attorney because of all the media attention, not because of questions from police, his cousin said Wednesday.

Carlton Dotson's (search) cousin, Chris Waters, said Dotson is in his hometown of Hurlock, a rural community on Maryland's Eastern Shore (search), and hasn't been contacted by investigators since last week.

"I know he's well. I know he's not running and hiding," said Waters, 38.

Dennehy hasn't been heard from more than two weeks, and authorities have said they fear he may have been killed.

A search warrant affidavit made public Monday says an unnamed informant told investigators in Delaware that Dotson, a roommate and former teammate of Dennehy's, told a cousin he killed Dennehy with a 9 mm handgun.

No charges have been filed in the case. Authorities have called Dotson a "person of interest" but said they have no single suspect.

"I don't know who the cousin is," Waters said, "or even if there is a cousin. That's a mystery to me."

Grady Irvin Jr. (search), a St. Petersburg, Fla., attorney who represents athletes, told the Associated Press on Wednesday that Dotson's family called him Monday and he flew to Baltimore to meet with them. He wouldn't discuss what Dotson told him or whether Dotson was involved in Dennehy's disappearance.

"This is a difficult time for the Dennehy family, the Dotson family and everyone who cares for Patrick and Carlton," Irvin said.