Denise Rich Charity Took Money From Fugitive Ex

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Denise Rich's Charity Took Money From Fugitive Ex

Contrary to her assertion that she hasn't been in touch with her fugitive ex-husband for years, Denise Rich accepted money from him in 2000, months before President Clinton pardoned him on his way out of office.

Tax filings for Denise's G&P Foundation for Cancer Research show, among other things, that Marc Rich donated $18,000 by wire transfer to the charity created in his daughter Gabrielle's memory.

The contribution is listed in the charity's year 2000 form 990, meaning it was made before the end of the year -- and before Marc was pardoned by Clinton at the urging of Democratic fund-raiser Denise.

Marc Rich's contribution is not significantly large, but it is among many interesting donations made to the G&P Foundation, which had a gigantic fund-raiser in November 2000 at which Bill and Hillary Clinton appeared, not to mention Michael Jackson and a host of movie stars.

Also among the donors is Daniella Rich, Marc and Denise's unemployed actress daughter. She kicked in $212,500. The largest donor was Dr. Daniel Vasella, chairman of Novartis, who happened to be the honoree at the G&P 2000 Angel Ball. He gave $325,000.

Other donors of note included ImClone's now controversial Sam Waksal as well as the head of Bristol Myers, the pharmaceutical giant that was rushing development of Waksal's cancer drug.

Also on the list of contributors is Herbert Black, the owner of American Iron & Metal Co. in Canada. Black, who launched the lawsuit accusing the heads of Sotheby's auction house with price-fixing, is now suing Denise Rich for breach of contract.

According to the New York Times, Black accompanied Denise to the White House when she made her in-person appeal to President Clinton on behalf of Marc Rich.

What the Times did not report is that Black is an old associate and friend of Marc Rich. Black, whose donation was made through a live auction at the G&P Angel Ball, lists his address as Verona, N.J., even though American Iron & Metal is headquartered in Canada.

Black is not the only associate of Marc Rich who kicked in to Denise Rich's charity. For the third time, Felix Posen, a longtime Marc Rich advisor and the architect of his businesses, is listed as well. So is staunch Marc Rich defender Michael Steinhardt.

But with all these donations, the G&P Foundation -- which claimed revenues in 2000 of over $3 million -- only gave grants for cancer research that year totaling $600,000. There were four for $25,000 apiece; six ranging from $56,000 to $66,000, and one for $132,000.

The foundation's executive vice president, Kay Wright, earned $214,167 for the year. Several consultants were paid more than the average grant, including event planner Inez Weinstein ($83,000); and London public-relations agents Kawall Poppleton ($42,000).

An individual citing is made for someone identified only as Mary Daly, who received $6,000 for unspecified consulting. Daly, a controversial theologian and feminist author, describes herself on her Web site as "de-tenured" by Boston College. Her degrees are from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, where she may have met the Riches.

The next gala fund-raiser for the G&P Foundation, meanwhile, is scheduled for Denise Rich's Southampton, Long Island, estate on Sept. 1.

According to sources, only 150 people have RSVP'd to the invitation, which asks for a mandatory $750 donation. There's no word yet whether Marc Rich, who is said to have quietly visited the U.S. since his pardon, will attend.

Jacko Picks Up Kid Number 3

Big news yesterday: Michael Jackson has obtained his third child, most likely via private adoption, despite reports to the contrary, since there was none of the big build-up that preceded the births of the first two kids with Debbie Rowe.

What makes it so weird? Single stars have a grand tradition of private adoption (Angelina Jolie, Calista Flockhart, Jodie Foster etc.) so that's no big deal. But the kid's name ("Number Three") isn't doing a lot to inspire confidence.

Jackson can't get enough of children. Just as Shmuley Boteach told us two years ago, I recently confirmed with someone else who knows a lot about the subject that Michael has mannequins of children in his bedroom at Neverland.

Good for Greta Landing Ozzy

I'm a little bemused about Ozzy Osbourne's hissy fit over his interview with Greta Van Susteren.

Ozzy and his family sold out completely this year, turning themselves into media whores of the first degree. Even when they should have shown some propriety, the Ozzes have not been able to help themselves. They happily, and drunkenly, accompanied Greta to the White House correspondents dinner this year and became fast friends. They even gave her a cat.

So please, Ozzy, I think you protest too much. As for Barbara Walters, maybe now we'll be spared her asking Ozzy what kind of tree he might be, or making him cry about Sharon's cancer. If we've avoided that, we owe Greta more than we can ever give her.

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