Democrat Calls Republicans White Supremacists

The news that is not White House approved...

Say What?

The troubled tenure of one New York state senator has just sunk to a new low.

Democrat Kevin Parker, who in recent years was charged with punching a traffic agent and allegedly assaulting a New York Post photographer, is now accusing New York Republicans of being white supremacists.

Parker's comments came after a shouting match with another senator during a confirmation hearing on Tuesday where said he believed the African-American nominee at the hearing was being treated unfairly by his colleague.

This is what he had to say afterwards:


STATE SENATOR KEVIN PARKER, D-N.Y.: These long-term white supremacists, you know, Republican senators, who've, you know, have been in the majority for a long time, they've lost the majority.

There's only one kind of, you know, racism that's functioning in the world and that's white supremacy.


The Republican leader in the Senate now says he believes Parker is unfit to serve as senator.

I could not agree any more.

Greening Your Church

The White House's Council of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships may be bringing the green gospel of environmentalism to a church near you.

The council, according to a document posted on the White House Web site, is recommending that the White House established an office in the Environmental Protection Agency to encourage houses of worship to "promote energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and green jobs."

It also notes that, "Houses of worship can exert a powerful influence when they practice good energy stewardship and preach and teach about conservation as a moral value."

Wow, I can't wait for church on Sunday. Maybe we'll have Al Gore preaching at the pulpit.

Rielle Gets Real

In case you didn't get enough of her in that controversial GQ photo shoot, the mistress of disgraced former presidential candidate John Edwards has once again broken her silence.

In an interview Thursday on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Rielle Hunter sat down to explain the so-called truth about her relationship with John Edwards. She also told Oprah just how exactly Elizabeth found out about the affair.


OPRAH WINFREY, TV HOST: So this affair —

RIELLE HUNTER, FORMER MISTRESS TO JOHN EDWARDS: Our hearts were louder than the minds.

WINFREY: OK. Your hearts were louder than the minds.

HUNTER: It's just — yes.

WINFREY: So how did Elizabeth Edwards come to know about this affair?

HUNTER: On the morning of December 31st she found the cell phone that I bought for him and called it. And I answered the phone, said, "Hey baby," and she hung up on me.


Rielle was unapologetic for most of the interview and actually defended her actions.

Very classy.

Heading West...

Al Gore has made global warming alarmism a very profitable enterprise, but his latest purchase shows just how much he's made.

The vanquished vice president and his wife Tipper have purchased an $8,875,000 home in beautiful Montecito, California. The five-bedroom home boasts a swimming pool, fountains, a spa, six fireplaces and nine bathrooms. It also has an ocean view.

Now no word yet on whether this home is environmentally friendly, but I guess for all his alarmism, the vanquished VP isn't too worried about those rising sea levels in Santa Barbara.

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