What the Democratic presidential candidates said Sunday when asked to own up to a past mistake:

-- Dick Gephardt (search): Voting for President Reagan's tax cut in 1981.

-- John Edwards: Voting for President Bush's education law, the No Child Left Behind Act.

-- Carol Moseley Braun (search): Meeting a Nigerian dictator accused of myriad human rights violations while she was in Nigeria in 1996 to attend the funeral of a friend.

-- John Kerry: Thinking you don't have to defend yourself.

-- Dennis Kucinich (search): As mayor of Cleveland, firing the police chief live on the 6 o'clock news on Good Friday.

-- Joe Lieberman: As a state senator in Connecticut, focusing more on the rights of criminals than of crime victims.

-- Howard Dean: Falsely accusing Edwards of not talking about his support of the Iraq war in an appearance before a largely anti-war audience in California.