DeLay's Indictment

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As you may all know by now, Congressman Tom DeLay (search), R-Texas, has been indicted by a Texas state grand jury. An indictment is never evidence but simply a charging paper informing the accused that he is charged. It is very serious, but not itself evidence. Legal evidence will be presented at trial (not in indictments, by what people say on television or are quoted as in papers.) At trial the evidence will also be tested by cross-examination, and by corroboration (if there is any.) The evidence will be examined for its weight — how convincing it is. Trials are for proof — not for empty words.

I don't know if Congressman DeLay is guilty or not — I will await the presentation of evidence in court and the jury's decision. I hope you will, too. Because the defendant is a politician, there is a high risk that people "take sides" in reaching an opinion on guilt or not rather than waiting to consider and weigh the evidence. Don't do this. It is not fair or right. And I hope all those nodding his or her head in agreement while reading this, would feel the same way if a Democrat were facing an indictment. From some of my e-mails, it appears some people have already made decisions and not one piece of evidence has been presented. I have e-mails announcing his innocence and others announcing his guilt. This is a serious charge and we must wait for evidence. That is what the Constitution demands of us.

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E-mail No. 1

You do a disservice by highlighting the actions of persons such as Fletcher. Luckily in his case things went well. If things had gone bad in Galveston, others may have had to risk their lives as well as consuming other rescue resources to get this person evacuated.
Andre Maragh
Ottawa, Canada

E-mail No. 2

What a heart-warming story! So glad you followed up on Mr. Harris because we, the public, would have never known such a courageous and brave solider. I, for one, am so grateful to the WWII veterans — they fought and won the war for us!!!
You do such a good job — You are fulfilling a God given talent.
Macon, Georgia

E-mail No. 3:

Mrs. Van Susteren,
I heard that Beth Twitty (search) is planning to come to Holland to stalk Joran van der Sloot (search) and it seems to aquise (sic) the Dutch of not taking action in her daughter’s disappearance.
First, if she harasses Mr. van der Sloot, Twitty will find herself in jail, she has to respect the laws of the Netherlands, we are not some banana republic. Secondly Aruba does not belong to Holland anymore it has a status aparte (sic). If Mrs. Twitty will not obey by Dutch law but feels that as an
American she stands above the law she may find herself in more trouble than she wants to be in. If Natalee was murdered then yes the killers need to be brought to justice but Natalee has run away from home before and as long as there is no conclusive evidence there are suspects and that is all. Maybe Twitty believes that the rule, innocent until proven guilty applies only to U.S. citizens or only in cases not involving her family. Again Twitty is more then welcome to come to Holland as long as she respects the law of the land if not the law will take care of that too.
W.E. van Walbeek

ANSWER: I don't know if Beth is going to Holland but I would expect she would respect the Dutch law. She was respectful of Dutch law while in Aruba. I think her profound disappointment is not with the Dutch law but what she believes is the incompetence in investigating the disappearance of her daughter.

E-mail No. 4:

I am appalled that the Supreme Court would hear a money settlement case for Anna Nicole Smith (search) and refuse to intervene in the murder of Terri Schiavo and sit silently by while Aruba thumbs its nose at our legal system — not one comment — not one opinion — not one attempt to influence justice for an American. Think of all the money we could save by doing away with the entire useless bunch. The more I hear about the Supreme Court, the more I'm convinced they are an unnecessary expense.

E-mail No. 5

I should be mad about the indictment, but the Republicans have been in power for too long, with nothing accomplished, but runaway spending and more big government. The Demo's failed while in power and the Republicans have failed while in power. It’s time for the independents to take over. It’s time for a revolution.
Slapout, Alabama

E-mail No. 6:

Hi Y'All —- It's been fun watching DeLay parade out to the talk shows (LOL) —- it must be nice to be indicted then given the bully pulpit to trash the prosecutor!! Mark my words —- he's toast!!

E-mail No. 7

Hi Greta, I hope you can explain to me how someone is indicted who was never informed, in fact told he was not the subject of indictment, never therefore testified in the jury room be indicted. I thought we had the right in this country to defend ourselves, and the right to testify in our own behalf
Maureen McCabe
Spring Hill, Florida

E-mail No. 8

Greta, it is very difficult to contact you, as the FOX News site is very deceiving!! You talk about government run around; well FOX News is a chip off the old block! I'm a Republican conservative, but you have one big problem on your show, which by the way I’ve watched every evening for years! The problem is this: please let your guests answer your questions before interrupting them this is so very rude!!!!!!!!!!!!! You always back off, but it's so darn distracting and lowers my respect for you as a person! You are like all young people that only want to talk and can't listen. A wise person listens more and talks less!!! The more you just listen people talk themselves in a hole. The more you let a person talk the more they condemn themselves!!!!!!!!!! Thanks! Just old wisdom!
Al Knack

ANSWER: At least you refer to me as a "young person." I don't get that much anymore...

E-mail No. 9

Greta, I am 16 years old and I love your show. I have a question. What happened in the Natalee Holloway case?
Nicholas Taylor

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