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Oops! I Meant $9 Trillion!

Brace yourselves, everyone: Tuesday the White House and the Congressional Budget Office will release its 10-year deficit projections.

It turns out the White House was forced to revise its original estimates because team Obama's math was, well, a little bit off — they missed the mark by $2 trillion!

Therefore, the White House is revising its deficit estimate to $9 trillion from its original estimate given in February of $7.1 trillion. Its number now matches that of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office — you know, the same CBO that has been warning us that Obama's nanny state health care plan will make the deficits skyrocket.

Good thing the president will be on vacation when the American people realize just how far into the financial hole his policies are driving us.

Family Feud

With his prospects for reelection dimming, New York Governor David Paterson is blaming all of his troubles on members of the news media he claims are racist.

During a recent rant, the governor even had a warning for President Obama:


DAVID PATERSON, NEW YORK GOVERNOR: My point is, you hear this crusade that it's time for the governor to step aside.

ERROL LOUIS, HOST: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. OK. Look —

PATERSON: My feeling is that it's being orchestrated. It's a game. We're not in the post-racial period. And the reality is that the next victim on the left, and you see it coming, is President Barack Obama.


Paterson's comments did not sit well with the Obama administration. According to the New York Post, the White House political director called a close aide of the New York governor, and Paterson's office was told not to drag President Obama into the political mess that he's in.

The soap opera that is the Democratic Party continues.

No Love for Reid?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid received some bad news over the weekend. The Nevada senator's approval ratings have been on a downward spiral for months and, according to the latest Mason-Dixon poll, Reid now trails his Republican challenger by double digits in the 2010 match-up.

Republican Danny Tarkanian leads Reid by 11 points — 49 to 38 percent. Tarkanian is a former UNLV basketball star and announced his candidacy on August 7. That's only 17 days ago!

Hey, Senator Reid, I think your state is trying to send a message.

Selective Memory

Over the weekend, "Good Morning America" took a look at highly-publicized extramarital affairs involving politicians. The segment featured Republicans like South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and Louisiana Senator David Vitter.

But as NewsBusters.org points out, they left out a few others:


MARK SANFORD, SOUTH CAROLINA GOVERNOR: I let them down and in every instance I would ask their forgiveness.

RON CLAIBORNE, ABC NEWS: This summer, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford admitted having an affair with an Argentinean woman. His wife Jenny eventually moved out with the couple's children.

The wife of Louisiana Senator John Vitter, caught dallying with a prostitute, chose to forgive.

WENDY VITTER, WIFE OF SENATOR JOHN VITTER: To forgive is not always the easy choice but it was and is the right choice for me.


Maybe Part 2 will feature John Edwards and all of Bill Clinton's affairs, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Help Wanted

The "cash for clunkers" program will end Tuesday at noon, but there's still a lot of work to do.

According to The Washington Times, the Department of Transportation has asked employees of the FAA to help sort through all the paperwork. In addition to members of the air traffic control unit, contractors from Citigroup have also been hired.

That's a comforting thought!

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