Deep Behind-the-Scenes

Dear Viewers,

I promised behind the scenes and this is about as behind-the-scenes as it gets.

Last night during a break in the show, I received an e-mail from a viewer who asked why Bernie [Grimm] was not shaven. I then interrupted a debate between Ted [Williams] and Bernie and I read the viewer e-mail to Bernie. He laughed, and then explained: Apparently he is having a feud with a woman judge. During a recent court proceeding the judge told him — in a not nice tone of voice — to shave and he said "no." He did not like to be ordered by the Judge to shave. She said it is the "rules." Still he said "no" since there are no such rules. He pointed out that a lawyer is required to wear a suit and tie which he was wearing — but that she can't order him to shave and not grow a beard. Now the two — the Judge and Bernie — are in a stand off.

I asked Bernie the name of the Judge and I immediately recongnized her name. Searching my memory, I asked Bernie if he and the judge were not old friends. I thought that they were friends — and not enemies — and that she is even a friend of Bernie's wife. He replied that they were old friends but that somehow things had changed when she took the bench. Their friendship started more than 20 years ago when both the judge and Bernie were public defenders. I had remembered them being friends. For many years the two of them shared an office. Now, unfortunately, that friendship is over and is now a "stand off."

For those of you who did not notice Bernie's new beard, click on the picture above. The hand in the picture is Ted's. And, it does not get more "behind-the-scenes" than the off camera discussions during the commercial breaks.

The viewer who sent the e-mail mid-show was not the only one to mention Bernie's new beard growth.  Here are two post-show e-mails:

E-mail No. 1:

subject: Greta, please tell Bernie Grimm... that Hoya Mama Sherri LOVES his beard !!!

E-mail No. 2:

Hi Greta,
I'd like to offer to buy a razor for Mr. Bennie Grimm.  It appears he lost his.  I believe Mr. Grimm is an attorney, not a rock star.
Ken Girdley
Los Altos, CA

Finally, as an aside, I read the e-mails about Bernie's appearance with some amusement.  It is "equal opportunity" and now even the guys get it. You have no idea how many e-mails I get about my appearance — especially my hair.  My mother who used to tease me and ask if I had combed it with an electric fan.


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