Declaring War on Democracy

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Hi All,

I am still shaking my head over this new recording from terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (search), in which he announces he is "declaring war on democracy." To me, that says it all about his twisted ideology. He's not even Iraqi, for Pete’s sake — he's Jordanian, and here he is telling Iraqis he's going to make sure they aren't free.

I'm also shaking my head about the U.S. government doubling the reward for whoever helps us capture Usama bin Laden (search), from $25 million to $50 million. Look, I'd be the first to throw a party if someone ratted him out, but I don't think it's going to happen. The people around him are "true believers," deeply brainwashed by his insane rhetoric, so they're not going to rat. And UBL is so careful about his security that he's not going to risk being anywhere he could be spotted by anyone who's NOT a true believer. So why sink any more of our precious government dollars into a bounty?

Tuesday, Kamal Nawash (search) (a Muslim living here in the U.S. who is a prominent voice of reform) will be on “DaySide.” Please send your comments and questions to me at so I can share them with him.

Also, Dr. Mel Levine (search) will be on the program to discuss the phenomenon of young Americans somehow not prepared for the real world when they get out of school, who keep on living at their parents' house and can't get on with a career. Dr. Levine says he is stunned by the epidemic of what he calls "work-life unreadiness" among young people ages 17-29. It's in his book, "Ready Or Not, Here Life Comes" (search). Personally, I'm having a little trouble with this — and it smacks to me of a generation of awfully spoiled people. I mean, c'mon... get off your keister and get a job! Life does not get served to you on a platter: You have to go out and get it. And I mean work for it. Am I wrong? Let me know.

A couple of responses to topics on Monday's “DaySide:”

About Jim Wallis (search), the evangelist many Democrats are turning to for advice following their election defeat. Check out these e-mails.

"Mr. Wallis has the general idea. Conservatives think bragging about faith means they're better people and liberal politicians are afraid to speak their minds..." —- Kirk R., Atlanta, GA

"How very mistaken I was thinking Jim Wallis had neutral views! It is now quite obvious to me he is attempting to degrade Bush policies. and use a religious intent to do so." — Susan T., Andover, MA

As for that WISP of a prom dress (search) we showed you on the air, well, the e-mails came rocketing in to us.

"Where are the parents in this situation?... To allow your daughter to wear this kind of dress is asking for more trouble than you can imagine. No brainer here, Linda... The dressmaker wouldn't have a big seller unless the kids were allowed to buy it..." — Jayne R., Manning, SC

"Linda: I don't know what difference it makes, parents allow their daughters to wear pants that show the tops of their backsides when they [sit] down, also low-cut in the front.Schools won't allow that when she walks up to the door on prom night." — Brian K., Huntsville, TX

"I am the mother of a wonderful teenage boy, and I wouldn't even let him go to the prom with a girl whose parents allow her to wear that dress." — Corrina

There were many other emails along these lines, but there's one other one that truly blew my mind.

"I am the father of a young girl and I was wondering what is it about conservatives in our society that want our children to feel their [bodies] are ugly or something to be hidden from society? I feel religion plays a large role in this and thus need to ask, would you prefer our daughters wear a burka to their high school prom?" — Doug, Florida (From Linda: Doug, why do you think this is a "conservative" issue? I'd be willing to bet that many "liberal" parents would bar the door if they saw their daughter waltzing out in that dress. To me, this is about teaching our daughters they are intelligent future leaders and not sex objects. To let her go to the prom in that getup seems to be an invitation for schoolmates to call her hideous names and for boys to view her in a purely sexual way.)

To be continued—


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