December 3 & 4

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Watch "The Lineup," for an investigative look at America’s high-profile crimes and cases, murders and mysteries. It's Crime Time coverage on FOX News Channel!

Here are just some of the stories we’re investigating:

Fresh-faced stripper Catherine Woods was murdered! But was the aspiring Broadway dancer, who was leading a double life, the victim of a deadly love triangle? "The Lineup" investigates!

And, caught red-handed! We’ll show you the creepy video of an intruder who entered a woman’s apartment and was captured putting on her lingerie! But his bizarre behavior doesn’t stop there! See his antics on “The Lineup.”

Plus, was a taped conversation between private investigator Jamie Skeeters and Aruba suspect Deepak Kalpoe cut and manipulated? Beth Holloway Twitty responds to the controversial tapes that some claim are deliberately misleading about her daughter’s disappearance.

Then, why are police investigating the case of missing Georgian Leslie Adams hesitating to call classify her as a murder victim? Police found a bullet casing and blood in Adams’ apartment, who’s been missing since late October, but claim there is not enough evidence to conclude a murder had been committed. We’ll talk to a police detective working on the case.

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