Just when you think you have been surprised by every natural disaster possible — from the tsunami to Pakistan's earthquake to Katrina, Rita and Wilma — out comes an F3 tornado. We talked tornado through Sunday's show and much of Monday's broadcast. FOX's Rick Leventhal provided a great perspective on the devastated trailer park and we had phoners from the governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, along with sheriffs and Red Cross officials.

What we did not talk about in length was Operation Steel Curtain (search) minus L.C. Greenwood and Mean Joe Green. Our Marines and Iraq's newest soldiers took it to the insurgents in their foreign fighter headquarters on the Syrian border. Our guys are in the midst of our biggest offensive since the takedown of Fallujah and I hope one day to hear they snared Mr. Terror, Zarqawi.

We did talk terror and Sen. Kyl (search) let me know how partisan it has become on Capitol Hill and as a former member of the Senate Intelligence Committee how foolhardy the look into who messed with WMD evidence leading up to the war was. He saw it all, knows both parties and every western nation concluded he had them. To say President Bush skewed the results is dishonest.

We did have fun Monday while attracting a big crowd outside. Jim Koch (search), founder of Sam Adams, was our outside guest and introduced us to the art of smelling hops. Nice job he has and it's always great to see someone drinking their product before the show.

We closed the show with Danny Aiello (search), the infamous actor. He has a new movie out which he took for scale and is working hard to get word out on it. It's called "Brooklyn Lobster" and looks so confident. He charmed our staff in the green room and studio and even sang a song. Go watch his movie if you are anywhere near Manhattan. It's at two theatres: Village East, 12th St. and 2nd Ave. or UA in Sheephead Bay, Brooklyn.

If you are looking for a unique gift and want to grab my book and get it signed, go to briankilmeade.com. Also check out E.D.'s book called "Going Places."

This week we're looking forward to a slew of good guests including Sen. John McCain and Jack Nichlaus. Thanks so much.


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