Some of the deadly vehicle bombings in Iraq since the war began March 20. President Bush declared major combat over May 1.

--Jan. 18: Suicide car bombing near main gate to U.S.-led coalition's headquarters in Baghdad kills at least 18 people.

--Jan. 17: Roadside bomb explodes near Baghdad (search), killing three U.S. soldiers and two Iraqi civil defense troopers. U.S. death toll reaches 500 with bombing.

--Jan. 14: Car bomb explodes in front of police station in central town of Baqouba, killing driver and two civilians.

--Dec. 31, 2003: Car bomb rips through restaurant holding crowded New Year's Eve party, killing eight Iraqis, wounding 35.

--Dec. 14: Suspected suicide bomber detonates explosives in car outside police station in Khaldiyah, west of Baghdad, killing at least 17, wounding 33.

--Nov. 22: Car bombs hit two police stations northeast of Baghdad, killing at least 12 Iraqi bystanders.

--Nov. 20: Truck bomb explodes near Kurdish party office in northern oil city of Kirkuk, killing five people, wounding 30. Local officials blame Islamic extremists linked to al-Qaida.

--Nov. 12: Suicide truck bomber attacks headquarters of Italy's paramilitary police in southern city of Nasiriyah, killing more than 30 people -- including 19 Italians.

--Oct. 27: Four suicide bombings target international Red Cross headquarters and four Iraqi police stations in Baghdad, killing 40 people, mostly Iraqis.

--Oct. 9: Suicide bomber drives Oldsmobile into police station in Baghdad's Sadr City district, killing nine bystanders.

--Aug. 29: Car bomb explodes outside mosque in Shiite Muslim holy city of Najaf, killing more than 85 people, including Shiite leader Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim.

--Aug. 19: Truck bomber strikes U.N. headquarters in Baghdad, killing 23, including top U.N. envoy to Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello.

--Aug. 7: Car bomb explodes outside Jordanian Embassy, killing 19, including two children.