Dead Man Walking?

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You can't fault the Bush administration if Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is not dead because they have been low-balling our expectations all day. But we are all waiting anxiously to see if U.S. troops killed the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq over the weekend. Can you imagine what a lift that would be for our men and women in harm's way — and for the Iraqi people — if Zarqawi was indeed found to have been killed in that Mosul raid?

Logic leads you to believe that the heat is really on Zarqawi, with all of Jordan protesting his hotel bombings, his family disowning him, along with the apprehension of a woman who knows his many locations inside Iraq. Now that Jordan is motivated to kill him — and can get better intelligence than us — I have to think it could actually be him who blew himself up inside that house. One can hope while not getting too up, can't one?

We also had on our show today an international reporter who nailed an interview with Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf and we were all fascinated to know that the Pakistanis almost got Usama bin Laden this past spring, right on the Afghan border. But as usual, he got away. Did you know that we are still pouring in aide to the earthquake victims inside Pakistan? Me neither. We have to do a better job getting the word out about our efforts. According to Musharraf, America is the No. 1 donor and is doing most of the relief work on the ground. This, as you know, is the best way to change that nation's view of us and it makes it easier for the president of Pakistan to be our friend. Come on USA! Lets ramp up the PR machine and cut a NFL Films-like "Red Cross in Action" PSA.

The No. 1 one topic in our show — and maybe at your kitchen table — remains Iraq. I'm anxious to see how the debate is fueled with so many thinking about holidays this week and D.C. virtually shutting down. I can tell the holidays are here because the tourists have hit town and most are coming by our studio. It's always great to see you and if you can make it to 48th and 6th Avenue we almost always come out for pictures and terror talk. Of course, please get our names right when we do come out and do not do what one of our guests did today and call Steve, "E.D.", twice.

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