DEA agents are currently searching a Las Vegas pharmacy believed to be the source of the deadly propofol that was allegedly administered by Michael Jackson’s personal physician Conrad Murray just hours before the June 25 death of the King of Pop.

Applied Pharmacy Services was issued a search warrant and a notice of inspection, which informs the pharmacy that their financial records will be audited. Tuesday morning’s search was carried out with assistance from the Las Vegas police department and is expected to continue throughout the day.

Investigators believe that Murray obtained propofol—and possibly Demerol—from this Las Vegas pharmacy, law enforcement sources said.

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Tuesday's raid was the sixth in the last month that focused on Murray.

If the DEA’s diversion team can prove that Murray transported Demerol to the state of California—where, as FOXNews.com reported exclusively, Murray does not have a DEA registration number required to prescribe or administer controlled substances—the doctor will lose his medical license.

In addition, Murray's conduct, as well as possible medications he may have prescribed, have been at the center of a manslaughter investigation which began shortly after Jackson's death.