Day One With Laura Bush

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Yesterday we spent the day chasing the first lady around New York (the New York Public Library and the New York Stock Exchange) and it confirmed my thoughts: It is tough work to be the first lady.

Whether the first lady is Republican or Democrat, much seems to be demanded of a first lady. Or maybe it is more accurate to say they volunteer to do so much. At the end of each day, they must be exhausted. And, of course, the media is always watching them, which must make it a particularly tough job. One mistake and we in the media seize upon it... and, of course, can influence you. Following Mrs. Bush yesterday and talking to former first lady Hillary Clinton many times over the year I get a better idea of the job. Here is my question to you: Would you want to do it?

Check out some of the pics posted today from day one with Mrs. Bush. (There will be more tomorrow.)

Today we start “round two” with the first lady in New York. We are catching up with her at the United Nations. And again, the day starts a bit early. In addition to watching her husband speak at the United Nations, she has her own activities planned. We will follow her — with our cameras — so stay tuned.

Incidentally, I ran into another first lady yesterday: Mrs. George H. Bush (Barbara Bush). She was also at the New York Public Library watching her daughter-in-law (as was the first lady’s mother and one of her daughters). Mrs. George H. Bush also has literacy programs so naturally the event yesterday morning was of great interest to her. I talked briefly with Mrs. George H. Bush about baseball… yes, baseball. She loves baseball. Her team is not likely to make the playoffs.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I am so jealous of you. You get to ride in military planes, meet neat athletes, and interview fascinating and significant people just as Dr. Kissinger and Mr. Gingrich. Now you get to interview Mrs. Bush. Besides being ardent supporters of both President Bushs, I am also a fan of both Mrs. Bushs. Those ladies define class, grace and dignity. Of course, if I had studied harder in school I might be in your position, but I spent my time riding motorcycles and generally goofing off, much to my chagrin later.
All the best,

ANSWER: I am lucky to have this job. And, yes, I get to meet many fascinating people… from BOTH political parties. What should make you more jealous are the conversations off camera. Often off camera the guests are more relaxed... you get to know them better.

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta,
Many years ago when I went to the Bahamas I was scared to death because the police were selling drugs and trying to make out with the women at Club Med. It wasn't a place where you felt like there was any real protection or would have gone to the police for help. Just a thought to add, as it would be interesting who Daniel Smith had contact with on his way to the hospital.
Stacey Castleberry

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