David Arquette Loses Tape of Directorial Debut Film

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David Arquette was in such a rush to show footage of his directorial debut, "The Tripper," at Comic-Con that he lost the tape on the way to the convention center.

"I'm so embarrassed," the 34-year-old actor told the throng of fans who gathered to see the film at the comic convention. "It'll probably be on the Internet tonight."

To appease the crowd, Arquette acted out a few lines from the movie, which he co-wrote.

He described it as "a political horror film about a person who's obsessed with Ronald Reagan and he attacks hippies at an outdoor music festival."

The film stars Paul Reubens, Jason Mewes, Lucas Haas, and Thomas Jane, who became Arquette's brother-in-law last month when he married actress Patricia Arquette. Arquette plays a small part, a "redneck local" named Muff. His wife, Courteney Cox Arquette, makes a cameo appearance.

The actor said he chose to direct a horror flick because he loves the genre and "you can also get into sex, drugs and rock n' roll more than you can the other genres."

He is still seeking distribution for the independent production, which he called a "passion project."

"The fact that I've completed this, that it's in a box and done, is the biggest accomplishment for me," he said.

Unfortunately for his fans, that box is lost somewhere in the San Diego Convention Center.