Dan Quayle Gets It

Dan Quayle has seen the future… and it's expensive.

No, the former vice president isn't talking about politics. He's talking about banks.

And Tuesday he was talking with me about this big $100 billion rescue fund being put together by three of this nation's largest banks. And, the former veep was worried.

What if the banks have a hard time selling this rescue fund? Getting others to buy into this rescue fund?

What if — just if — $100 billion isn't enough?

You can watch the full interview Tuesday night on FOX Business Network.

Suffice it to say, Mr. Quayle, is worried the next step is Uncle Sam.

He's worried that politicians, all hot and bothered over this mortgage mess — which, he cautioned to add is not a meltdown — will overreact and quite literally cost taxpayers many billions more.

All for a bailout for lenders, who shouldn't have been lending and gullible mortgage buyers, who shouldn't have been buying.

The clear message from the former vice president: This is a free country.

We are free to screw up and free to suffer the consequences.

His biggest worry you'll hear for yourself Tuesday night on FOX Business Network: Your government is also free — and eerily close — to both screwing up and suffering the consequences as well.

Stay tuned.

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