Damned if You Do...

Dear Viewers,

This falls under the category: damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I just walked into my office from the road trip to Chicago and had one voice mail message: from Mark Geragos.

This is the second time I have heard from him in many, many months. As you know from reading the March 12 GretaWire, after our show on March 11, he called me (left a message) and was mad that two of my guests had incorrectly said that he lost the Susan McDougal case. On that night on the air, I had disagreed with the guests, but Mark was still mad. To point out that I challenged my guests on this point -- in case he somehow missed it -- I called Mark back before I left the office. It was late, but as a courtesy to him, I called. In the phone call he demanded a retraction and demanded that I be the one to give the retraction. Note also that he made the same demand in the recorded voice mail.

To be a good sport, despite my on air comments that I thought addressed the matter, I did point out in the March 12 GretaWire that Mark Geragos did win two Susan McDougal cases. I also pointed out -- as an aside -- that even the best lawyers lose cases sometimes. Lawyers are not magicians. I did not do this on air since frankly I thought, because I had actually challenged the guests on air when they made their comments, this was a sufficient way to address the issue. I want to make sure we get it right on this show and when we do make a mistake I want to correct it. But I also do not want to "over blow" something by giving it a life of its own. Apparently, I may have done that. See below:

My new message from Mark Geragos (on this 16th day of March) is a voice mail message in which he is annoyed with me for having reported on GretaWire on March 12 that he called and wanted a retraction. I don't see a problem with him asking for me to clarify his record. Frankly, when I re-listened to his original message before writing this blog, I was perplexed why he is now annoyed with the blog and the clarification. This is exactly what he wanted me to do and demanded in the voice mail that I do. I did exactly what he asked and I had no problem making abundantly clear the facts.

Having said that, I give up.


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