Cut Imus Some Slack

Cut Imus some slack.

For once, give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

Tell the whole story, not the suited clip to push your story.

I'm talking, of course, about radio talk show host Don Imus and remarks he made about suspended Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones.

When he inquired about the former player's recent sixth arrest, and asked his sports guy, Warner Wolf what race he was, Imus knew the answer already.

"There you go," he said. "Now we know."

Well, I guess we don't know. Because no sooner had Imus said it, than the media was all over it.

Without a one of them bothering to look into it. Or the context of it.

I'm biased, I like Imus. But here's what I don't like:

Judging a guy and assuming the worst, even though any half-regular listener of his show would know he has complained often and loudly about what he considers to be the unfair treatment of blacks....and in this case, a young man repeatedly arrested for no other reason, Imus said, than he was black.

Leaving out the fact Imus has two black co-hosts on his show and that he'd sound pretty stupid saying something deliberately racist in their presence. This is the same guy who has had extended discussions on race relations with the likes of Dick Gregory and Dr. Debra Dickerson.

Let me tell you something, those aren't ratings winners. Imus wasn't doing either to score ratings points, but to make a point.

Race relations matter. Real race discussions matter more.

I don't know how often a guy has to atone for a stupid comment he regrets making.

But please tell me, who in the media atones for stupid follow-ups they don't regret re-hashing?

Believe me, Imus needs no pity. He's a big star. A rich star. A capable star. He knows the business.

But that doesn't mean the media should give him the business.

They're the first to get prickly when you talk of media bias and how they cover the news, yet stupidly prove the point when, without context or background, they try to make news.

That is what is off-color.

That is what is off-putting.

And that is what is just off.

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