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Check out the pictures we've posted today.

We can't claim credit for the two pictures posted today. They were given to us by Julia Renfro of Aruba Today newspaper. The pictures show Paulus van der Sloot being sworn in as a lawyer yesterday in Aruba. He had wanted to be a judge, but that did not quite work out (and I have heard a few reasons why and still don't understand why.) He is now sworn in as a lawyer and working with his son's lawyer in the law firm.

Tonight we have on our show U.S. Senator Barack Obama from the State of Illinois. I am anxious to interview him since he is new to the U.S. Senate — this is his first term. In this town and in the business of the media you meet many senators and see them often but I have only met Senator Obama once, in passing, at the Astrodome in Houston during post-Katrina. (By the way, did you know that he was the first African American editor in chief of the Harvard Law Review? In the law world, it is a very big deal to be editor in chief of the Harvard Law Review. And while I am on the topic, do you know who was the first woman editor in chief of the Harvard Law Review was? Susan Estrich!)

Senator Obama was willing to walk down (or drive down) Capitol Hill to our studio at the bottom of Capitol Hill for tonight's interview but I thought it would be more interesting for all of us to go to him and see his office. You see my studio almost every night so why not see his office? I like to get out of the studio from time to time if only to travel a block. I also like to walk since I when I am in D.C., I tend to sit all day at my computer and on the phone. (By the way, I might have picked a better day for this short walk — it is pouring rain here, unless the rain lets up, I will end up in a car so that I don't look like a drowned rat for the interview!)

And, if all goes as planned, and no breaking news, we also have actor Albert Brooks on the show tonight. He has a new movie opening, "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World." It is rated PG-13 and I will see it before I interview him tonight. I don't want to blindly interview him, I want to see the movie first. I was supposed to see the movie yesterday at a special screening but there was a bit of a problem. They forgot to send the theatre the movie... or something like that. I showed up early with my producer at the theatre to see the movie but... no movie. We waited and waited and waited and gave up. Hence we had to cancel Albert Brooks last night. We have rescheduled everything for today, cross your fingers that we can get this accomplished today. I would like to interview Albert Brooks for you and the title of the movie sure caught my attention. I assume you are likewise curious.

Of course, there will be much more on our show tonight. I hope you watch!

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Dear Greta,
There have been many times when Beth Holloway Twitty really gets on my nerves. But, shame on your letter-writer who accused Dave and Beth of trying to profit from their daughter's disappearance via book deals. As a mother who has lost two children myself, no one can understand how deep the pain of losing a child can be. I applaud their efforts to find answers, no matter what it takes. I'm no bleeding heart, but I know what they're going through and shame on anyone who tries to diminish it.
Susan Sebesta
Lake Mary, FL

E-mail No. 2

It is sad to see Jill Carroll's situation. She must have been starved. Her eyes looked like they have been punched. The Sunni Islamist-Jihadist terrorists who have kidnapped and threatened to murder her must have also assaulted her in ways that only a woman would be subjected into. The American forces should do their best to rescue her. But they have to change their tactic in catching the terrorists. They should use trickery to fool the terrorists. They should meet the demands of the terrorists by releasing any female terrorist prisoners they have and meet the terrorists at an agreed place to make the exchange. Meanwhile, get an armed drone to fly overhead to keep an eye on the ground. Get sharp shooters stationed in strategic places. Once Jill is safely in American hands, unlease the drone to fire missiles at the terrorists. Get the sharp shooters to fire too. To avoid this situation in the future, no American journalists especially females should be roaming around the Devil's territory to interview the Sunni or any Islamist demons. In fact, news organizations should not be sending female journalists to dangerous Islamist countries. To do so would tantamount to sending them to their death traps.
Dallas, TX

E-mail No. 3

I've read many e-mails about Matalee and Beth and Sharon Rocha, Laci and Scott Peterson. Now we got missing honeymooner. If one of my kids ever turned up missing or were murdered, you can bet I would be like Beth, pursuing every corner and like Sharon, holding onto every shred of hope for justice.
People write to you, Greta, and say they are tired of hearing all of this. If the tables were turned you can bet they would be screaming from the tallest building their loved ones didn't deserve this. I've been following the Aruba mess as much as I can. I wonder if Natalee was sold to a sex ring, the boys would have knowledge of this — especially the Kalpoe brothers — they're seedy characters to me. If she is dead then someone needs to come forth and spill the truth on where her remains are.
I saw Sharon on Larry King, she's doing what any mom would do keeping her daughter alive, her memories, I plan on buying the book soon. Both these parents need to do what is needed to keep themselves focused and sane, people that are tired of hearing it? Remember it could be you, in their shoes!
As for the missing groom: Where is his family in this? I haven't heard one word from them about all of this. As for the bride, I think she should be a suspect in this, not Miss Innocent. Someone figures if his body went overboard last July, there will be nothing to get anyone on: no remains, zero. Whoever did this is banking on this. A perfect crime? Te bride isn't grieving enough to me.
C. Labrake

E-mail No. 4

Dear Greta,
I read your blog everyday and there are a lot of people e-mailing you their theories about what happened to George Smith. Reading today, it reminded me of a couple of months ago my sisters took me to Atlantic City for the weekend (bachelorette party). The one evening we all got pretty wasted and went up to our room. We were staying on the 35th floor. About an hour after we went to sleep I woke up to a noise. My sister was standing on the window sill, behind the curtains. Of course those windows don't open but if they did I am sure she would have jumped out. She was sleepwalking. My sister has done this on occasion since she was a little girl. I wonder if anyone has asked if George Smith had any history of sleepwalking?
Keep up the great work!

E-mail No. 5

Please tell Greta that the levels on a ship are referred to and identified as "decks," not "floors."
Thank you,
Leah Cole

ANSWER: You certainly are correct. But if you went on one of these giant ships, you might mistakenly say floors, too. The cruise ships are so large you forget you are on a ship and not in a tall building (with floors and not decks.) Incidentally, if this is this is the worst mistake I make, I am lucky...

E-mail No. 6

My wife and I love you show. However you legal panel are a bunch of dunderheads. It is obvious what happen to George Smith. Four people escorted him back to his room, only three were seen leaving. One stayed behind and started ransacking the room. This explains the noises heard by the other cabin (e.g. desk drawers be slammed and furniture being moved). George Smith was probably intoxicated but recognized what was happening and confronted the burglar/drinking buddy. I believe George was stabbed and carried to the balcony and tossed over. This explains the profuse blood on the awning. There would never be that amount of blood from a simple accidental fall, which he probably would have survived. I agree with you that the main suspect is the young man who showed up mysteriously in the office with Mrs. Smith asking about blood traces in the cabin.
John Ganser
Dillsburg, PA

E-mail No. 7

I would like to correct one statement you made in regards to Sharon Rocha. You said, "She does not know what happened to Laci, only that her former son-in-law did it." WRONG! She cannot KNOW that Scott did it, only that he was convicted of it. Only God and Scott knows the truth, and only God knows WHO was responsible for Laci's death. I know that you "Talking Heads" believe that he is guilty, but there was not sufficient evidence and the jury was wrong. I believe that Sharon has her doubts to this day... as do many others. What a shame that the media had him tried and convicted, and influenced the jury to do the same!
Diane Eaton

E-mail No. 8

I believe Mr. Smith's death was accidental. He was probably so high on alcohol and drugs that after the men who were with him left, he climbed over the railing (thinking the beach or pool was there) and fell to the canopy knocking himself out and bleeding there. Then when he regained consciousness, but still groggy, crawled to the edge and fell into the water and drowned. This appears to be the most likely scenario.
Elvis Albright
Gallatin, TN

E-mail No. 9

I would appreciate a definition for the over-worked term "blogs." It sounds a bit on the boorish side because someone couldn't come up with a better description for a sidebar comment. Like the "give me a sense" cliche, I hope it goes away SOON. By the way, one of your co-reporters constantly uses "give me a sense" when interviewing others; please tell him that is 'passe,' and use some real English! Thanks for letting me have my say and no thanks to Ted Koppel for dreaming up that idiotic phrase...

E-mail No. 10

I'm sick of the tell-all books about missing and murdered people. Is this the new way to make a million? Have a family member show up dead or missing with an interesting story... then write a book? I'm not wasting another second praying for or giving another dime to these people. Why haven't you talked about the suitcase full of body parts that showed up in the bay last week? Oh, never mind. I can wait and just read the book at the library. I'm sure there will be one, somebody must be keeping notes.
Leona [Jayne]

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