I have to say I'm surprised that a nasty culture war battle has erupted so soon after the presidential election, this one over gay marriage. You'd think there would be a cooling down period after the vote. Not so.

Wednesday night we showed you a confrontation in Palm Springs, California, where a senior citizen had a cross smashed out of her hands by a pro-gay marriage activist.

Well that's just the beginning. In Michigan, a church was invaded. And near Denver, authorities are investigating a possible hate crime.


KDVR REPORTER: This LDS church, the target of a possible hate crime.

TOM PRIDAY, CHURCH LEADER: It was a very disappointing feeling.

KDVR REPORTER: This church leader says a Book of Mormon was set on fire and left burning at a chapel entrance, shocking some church members.


Mormons actively opposed gay marriage in California, which is why they have become targets.

In New York City Wednesday night, about 1,000 people marched on a Mormon church. Thankfully the protest was peaceful.

But now individuals are being targeted. In Sacramento, Scott Eckern, the artistic director of a musical theater company, was forced to resign after he gave a contribution supporting the ban on gay marriage. So he's out of a job.

In addition, some activists are calling for boycotts of businesses which support keeping marriage between a man and a woman.


KTTV REPORTER: There are boycotts starting to organize at the venerable El Coyote restaurant, where one employee donated money to Prop 8, and at some El Pollo Locos. One franchise owner reportedly a contributor.


So you can see the debate over gay marriage is now a full-fledged national battle.

As "Talking Points" said Wednesday night, the election of Barack Obama has emboldened secular progressives who feel it is their time. Gay marriage is just the beginning.

Other culture war issues will also be on display very shortly. These include limiting gun possession, legalizing narcotics, unrestricted abortion, and the revocation of the Patriot Act.

But it is the gay marriage issue that has ignited much anger and fear, including some racial tension. African-American voters turned down gay marriage 70-30 in California. That prompted gay activist Wayne Besen to write an article criticizing the black community:

"There is something particularly galling and repugnant about people who have felt the sting of discrimination, turn around and step on another minority. What happened at the ballot box feels like a personal betrayal and the hijacking of history."

Obviously, many people do not agree with Mr. Besen's opinion. They do not equate gay marriage with civil rights, and that is the crux of this matter.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

The actress and singer Beyonce always seems to conduct herself very well in public. She recently said that she refused to sell pictures of her wedding to Jay-Z because she simply wants to keep things private.

We think that is an excellent point of view and that Beyonce is a patriot.

On the pinhead front, high drama in Oregon. A 3-year old girl slipped through a fence on the Oregon coast.

Click here to watch the terrifying fall.

The little girl is OK. Obviously the guy who saved her is a patriot. The pinheads are the local authorities who have such a shoddy fence near a dangerous cliff.

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