'Crush' Video Good for Obama

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This Obama video is what you call a hit. It's catchy, you leave the theater singing it, and it's rated 85 for dancing.

So is this good for Obama? I don't see why not. But there has been more silence from the Obama camp than I would have thought, considering how many people are seeing this thing, and how many people just love it, and how it has caught on.

Today the Web sites said the Obama camp had been caught by surprise. I can't imagine why they are surprised. Obama has been presented as a rock star on tour, adoring crowds, swooning teenagers, enthralled oldsters. The guy has got it all.

Yet I sense just a hint of a vibe which I interpret as "we're not so sure about this." I think I might be a bit right, because I know Obama doesn't like that picture of him in his surfer jams cavorting in the surf in his native Hawaii, and that picture appears in the video.

But hey, it was produced in the spirit of good fun, and it appears the singer and producers and star like Obama, and he should take it well. After all, it's a very catchy tune. People are going to be singing it on the streets.

That's My Word.

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