A marketing consultant who works for New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg just resigned after getting into hot water over some stale jokes she made about Mexico at the Huffington Post.

Now, to be clear: The jokes that Betsy Perry made were about Mexico, not Mexicans.

There is a difference, amigos.

The jokes included a bit about "drinking the water" — a line about as old as Montezuma — and his revenge. She also brought up the drug cartels, as well as the kidnappings and, of course, the swine flu.

Now, the stuff she said about all this was not that insightful or funny, but the last time I checked, that isn't a cause for losing your job. If that were the case, Janeane Garofalo would be living under a bridge.

And that's what bugs me: The lady resigned because the things she said hurt people's feelings, not because the things she said were racist or even totally incorrect.

I've said this before: Mexicans are some of the hardest working, most decent people I've ever met, but Mexico is not my ideal destination when I get a week off. Usually, I head to Thailand, where they've named a chair after me.

We live in a culture crumbling under the brutal weight of political correctness, in which a joke about the runs means you think Mexicans are bad people.

It actually makes me sick to my stomach. But that could be the burrito.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Pancho Villa.

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