Crescent City Crisis

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Today I have posted some pictures from New Orleans (search). The photos were taken on Tuesday. Click on the link in the photo box to check out my photo essay.

Arriving in New Orleans after not being there for a couple weeks gave me an opportunity to see the progress — or lack thereof — since the early days after Hurricane Katrina (search). The city is still a mess — see the pictures — but on this trip I could see the efforts to bring the city back to life.

This trip we stayed in a hotel — not a bus on a dark street — but we can't brush our teeth with the tap water. The hotel had everything we needed, but services were not the usual big city, big hotel. You could tell the hotel was doing its best to be open and to help those here in New Orleans covering the story or helping to rebuild the city.

I was surprised by how vibrant the city is in spite of being virtually destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. I was particularly pleased to see the French Quarter (search) coming back to life. The French Quarter was not its old self, but it did have lights, some music emanating from a few open places and people on the street. It seemed like there was a strong desire to bring back the excitement of the area. This is a big change from our last trip.

There is a huge problem in New Orleans that continues to be the topic of our show and my obsession. The problem is the criminal justice system — or lack thereof. The DA Eddie Jordan told us last night that he can't make payroll... which means that there will not be any prosecutors. If there are no prosecutors, you can't continue to hold people arrested, since the prosecutors are the ones who lodge the charging document that detains someone. You can't just arrest people and hold them. The Constitution requires a process. Thus if someone commits an armed robbery tonight, gets arrested and if there is no prosecutor to file the papers and prosecute the armed robbery, he or she must be set free. Imagine the problem with arrests for murder, sexual assault, child molesting etc. This is a big, big, big problem in a city attempting to rebuild. You need law and order. I hope it won't take a huge tragedy to get more attention on this crisis.

Now for some e-mails from viewers:

E-mail No. 1

Why would New Orleans be broke in one month's time with so much tourism in the past? Something seems really wrong.
Dayna Waters
Temecula, CA

E-mail No. 2

Does former President Clinton look healthy to you? He came across very tired to me, like he doesn’t have much energy.
Have a great day!
Your friend,
Houston, TX

ANSWER: He looked "OK" — but not robust. I think he could use more rest. He has a reputation for not sleeping much and I think he had a long day on Tuesday which is why he might have appeared tired in the interview.

E-mail No. 3

Dear Greta,
I really enjoyed your interview with Mr. Clinton. For once he didn't sound as nauseatingly political against Pres. Bush, though it was there with the spending comments. You do an excellent job and I watch you every night even if I have to stay up 'til 2 a.m. to catch you. Thanks for keeping us informed with the Holloway case. That whole situation just sickens and angers me. Your coverage of Katrina and Rita was great too. From the great state of Texas, a big thanks is sent to you.
Theresa Wiggins
Abilene, TX

ANSWER: I can't take any credit for the President Clinton interview — he is one of those interviewees that you essentially say "go" and let him talk. This allows you the viewer to listen and decide where you agree or not. I assume you tune in for the interview and not to hear me. Rush Limbaugh last night was the same kind of interviewee. He is easy since he, too, talks without prodding. This type of guests gives me an opportunity to let you hear their views and observations without my "interference" (questions.) I think my role is to make sure I present different views... and let you decide. Some guests make the job very easy.

E-mail No. 4

Thanks for including Rush Limbaugh on your show this evening. Over the years, I have learned the value your show brings to FOX News. I appreciate the information you provide and the different perspectives you bring to a "news" event. I have learned a lot about the thought processes employed by attorneys. Please keep up the good work.

E-mail No. 5

Hey Greta,
Love your show, but just how much did you "bare" waiting in line for your boarding pass? LOL. Thanks for the laugh.
Donna T.
Greenwood, SC

ANSWER: I have been driven so far into apathy by the amount of traveling that I do that I am just happy if I can look down at my feet — while in the security line — and see two matching socks.

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