Cream of the Crop Gone Sour: America's Troubled CEOs

It isn't all in the pedigree.

The executives who ran the nation's biggest banks and corporations were trained at some of the country's top universities — but that's been no guarantee of success.

From John Thain, the ousted head of Merrill Lynch, to Circuit City's Philip Schoonover, who drove the electronics retailer into bankruptcy, these crown jewels of corporate America haven't looked so resplendent in recent months.

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FOX News compiled a list of the schools where America's captains of industry got their training before they ran their corporate ships aground — and community college is looking better by the minute. Don't forget to check below to see a scorecard of the schools and programs that have won the dubious distinction of having these troubled alumni.

JPMorgan Chase
• James L. Dimon, CEO and Chairman: Harvard Business School (1982), Tufts University (1978)
• Barry L. Zubrow, Executive VP: University of Chicago Law School (1980), University of Chicago Business School (1979), Haverford College (1975)
• Frank Bisignano, CAO: Newport University

• Vikram Pandit, CEO: Columbia Business School (1986); Columbia University MBA (1980), M.S. (1977), B.S. (1976)
• Lewis Kaden, Vice-Chairman and CAO: Harvard Law School (1967), Harvard University (1963),
• Stephen Volk, Vice-Chairman: Harvard Law School (1960), Dartmouth College (1957)
• John Havens: Harvard (1979)

Bank of America
• Kenneth D. Lewis, Chairman, CEO and President: Executive Program at Stanford University, Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University (1969)

Morgan Stanley
• John Mack, Chairman and CEO: Duke University (1968)
• Walid Chammah, Co-President: American Graduate School of International Management (1977), American University of Beirut (1976)
• James P. Gorman, Co-President: MBA Columbia University (1987); BA, JD University of Melbourne

Wells Fargo
• John Stumpf, President and CEO: MBA University of Minnesota, BA St. Cloud State University
• Richard M. Kovacevich, Chairman: MBA Stanford University (1967), BA Stanford (1965)

Goldman Sachs
• Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman and CEO: Harvard Law School (1978), Harvard University (1975)
• Jon Winkelried, President and Co-COO: University of Chicago Booth School of Business (1982), University of Chicago (1981)
• Gary Cohn, President and Co-COO: American University (1982)

Washington Mutual
• Kerry Killinger, CEO: University of Iowa, MBA (1971), BBA (1970)
• Alan Fishman, former CEO: Columbia University (1969), Brown University (1967)
• Stephen Rotella, President/COO: State University of New York (1978)

• Michael Perry, CEO: California State University, Sacramento
• Scott Keys, CFO: Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles

Bear Stearns
• Alan Schwartz, President and CEO: Duke (1972)
• James Cayne, former CEO: attended Purdue

• Edward Liddy, CEO: MBA from George Washington University (1972), Catholic University of America (1968)
• Robert Willumstad, former CEO: attended Adelphi University

Lehman Brothers
• Richard S. Fuld, Chairman: MBA from NYU Stern School of Business (1973), University of Colorado at Boulder (1969)
• Herbert H. McDade, President and COO: MBA University of Michigan, BA Duke University
• Ian T. Lowitt, CFO: BSc. and MSc. University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg), BA and MSc from Oxford

Merrill Lynch
• John Thain, Chairman and CEO: Harvard Business School (1979), MIT (1977)
• Peter Kraus, Executive VP: MBA from NYU (1975), Trinity College (1974)
• Thomas Montag, Global Head of Sales: Stanford (1979)

Bernard Madoff
Hofstra College (1960)

GM: Richard Wagoner, CEO. Harvard Business School (1977), Duke University (1975)

Chrysler: Robert Nardelli, CEO. University of Louisville College of Business (1975), Western Illinois University in Macomb (1971)

Circuit City: Philip Schoonover, former CEO: University of New Hampshire (1978), Boston College; James Marcum, CEO: Southern Connecticut State University (1980)

Sprint: Dan Hesse, CEO: MA, MIT (1989); MBA, Cornell University (1977); University of Notre Dame (1975),

Charter Communications: Paul Allen, CEO. Attended Washington State University

Sirius/XM Radio: Mel Karmazin, CEO: Pace University (1967)

Midway Games: Sumner Redstone, Majority Owner: Harvard Law School (1947), Harvard University (1944); Shari Redstone, Chairman. Tufts (1975)

The final tab:

Harvard: 11
Columbia: 6
Chicago: 4
Duke: 4
Stanford: 4
American University: 2
MIT: 2
NYU: 2
Tufts: 2
University of Iowa: 2