Crazy Like a FOX

It's amazing the number of people who love to beat up on this news channel.

No sooner are we officially the most watched news network, than the critics come out of the woodwork.

In the old days, they just ignored us. When I started here, you'd almost think I entered the witness protection program. No one cared what I said. It's a good thing I wasn't in this for the ego.

But now they come out with fangs bared: You're too right-wing. Too patriotic. Too much.

It's amazing to me as a journalist how other journalists can be so disturbed by simply presenting what all journalists should: another viewpoint that was never covered.

We're not one side — we're all sides. Some people still have a problem with that. Now, I'm even getting it on this show.

We're the number one business show, but some guys at another network claim "yes, but you're not real business."

You're right. We're not.

We're not real dull. We're not all markets all the time. We're not conventional. We're not just Wall Street. We're not just earnings or CEOs. EBIDITA or cash flow.

We're people. We're connecting not because we're talking down, but because we're talking to. To you. With you. For you.

Some elitists have trouble with that. I say, have at that.

Business news isn't defined on a ledger or sorted out on a spreadsheet. It isn't about IQ. It's about EQ. It's about understanding the big picture, without losing the passion for the smaller picture. It's about loving what you do.

We do. I do.

So, the next time someone says those FOX guys are nuts, nod your head: they're right. We are.

Nuts enough to say there are other viewpoints out there.  Nuts enough to say business isn't all about rich guys. Nuts enough to say this country isn't a horrible thing. It's a good thing.

Crazy? Yes, like a FOX.

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