Crash Survivor: Watching TV When Plane Smashed Into Home, Pinning Family Down

The woman who survived a commuter plane crashing into her suburban Buffalo, New York, home said she and her daughter were watching television when the aircraft smashed through the roof, pinning them in the wreckage.

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Karen Wielinski told Buffalo radio station WBEN-AM that she was in the family room of her home in Clarence and her 22-year-old daughter Jill was upstairs.

Wielinski said she knew something was wrong when she heard a plane approaching and said, "The next thing I knew the ceiling was on me."

She said she managed to crawl out of a hole in the wreckage as fire erupted around her. Her daughter escaped in a similar manner.

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Wielinski said she still hasn't been told of the fate of her husband, Doug, who was in another part of the house.