Crank Calls

Thursday morning an e-mail went out to all of us in the D.C. bureau of Fox News Channel. We were told -- effective immediately -- that we were getting new direct dial numbers to our New York Fox bureau control room. The old ones had just been disconnected.

Why? Because The Washington Times newspaper had a front page picture of TV monitors in the White House press room showing the president being interviewed by an Arab TV network. What's wrong with that? Well, the monitors had under them the direct dial telephone numbers for our New York bureau control room with the identification that the numbers were Fox News Channel.

I guess our response is: "Thanks a lot! "

I assume there was such swift action to change the numbers because we did not want Washington Times readers to make those "great" calls to our New York control room that we all made when we were twelve:

"Is your refrigerator running? Better go catch it!"


"Do you have Prince Albert in a can? Better let him out!"

P.S. Maybe I am juvenile and I know it was annoying to those who had to scramble to change the numbers, but I do think it is funny what the Washington Times inadvertently did.

For those of you who want to follow the Scott Peterson case closely during jury selection, here is an e-mail update from Valerie. Again, Valerie is not a Fox News employee, but someone who is in the courtroom daily and e-mails me:

What at the Odds!!!

Two more jurors qualified today (up to 65):

The first juror to qualify was a attractive, weathered, Robert Redford looking retiree. This tanned man had blonde hair, a blonde mustache and wore glasses. This man stated that he had done extensive sailing over the past 30-35 years (he currently has a boat docked in Brisbane.) What was astonishing was the fact that this man's daughter's fiance, his future son-in-law, currently owns The Shack restaurant in San Luis Obispo, the restaurant originally started by Scott and Laci Peterson! This son-in-law had actually worked for Scott and Laci six weeks before the Peterson's sold the restaurant! The restaurant was sold to interim owners who sold it to the future son-in-law. And, most amazingly, this man qualified! OK - What are the astronomical odds that the trial moves to San Mateo County; this man's timing fits for a jury summons, that he doesn't wash out due to hardship; that he qualifies; and that his daughter is going to marry a guy who worked for Scott and Laci! As a mathematician and statistician, I am flabbergasted!

The second juror to qualify this morning is an African American woman in her 40's, who is a chief accountant at her firm. This woman was very nervous and laughed nervously a lot during voir dire. Geragos was very complimentary of her answers on her questionnaire. This woman had a very close member of the family who used to work for the Sheriff's Department, but who has since died. This is the only African-American in the jury pool.

Court business:
Judge Delucchi is very hoarse, he can hardly finish the initial lecture on penalties. I hope he lasts the afternoon.
Another follow-up anonymous letter was received by the court with tips on who killed Laci Peterson. This letter is a follow-up to the letter received a month ago. Judge Delucchi said he would put it into evidence as Exhibit No. 12.

Back to court... more later.


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