Craig Stebic Says He Can Relate to Cop of Missing Wife

The husband of Lisa Stebic, missing mother of two, said he can relate to a police sergeant from a nearby Chicago suburb whose wife also disappeared without a trace.

"I know what he's going through," Craig Stebic told the Chicago Sun-Times. "Especially with you media and everything."

Lisa Stebic was reported missing on April 30. Craig Stebic said he was working in the family’s backyard and the children were out when she vanished.

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Sgt. Drew Peterson, husband of missing Stacy Peterson, finds himself in a similar situation with media camped outside his Bolingbrook, Ill. home, the criticism from Stacy Peterson's family and the police investigation that has led to the seizure of two of his vehicles and the search of his home.

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"I believe she's with someone else, but I believe she's safe," Drew Peterson said about his wife. He said she told him she was leaving, taking some clothes and money from a safe in the couple's home.

Families of both missing women say they would never leave their children behind and suspect their husbands may be involved in their disappearance. Police named Craig Stebic a person of interest in the disappearance of Lisa Stebic in July. Craig Stebic and Drew Peterson deny any wrongdoing.

"Craig has cut us off from the children. But he has a moment to say he empathizes with Drew Peterson?" said Melanie Greenberg, a spokeswoman for Lisa Stebic's family.

"I'm not usually speechless, but I was speechless for a moment after that," Greenberg said.

Lisa Stebic's family has reached out with Stacy Peterson's sister, urging her to start a Web site.

Meanwhile, authorities reopened an investigation into the death of Drew Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio. The coroner ruled Savio's 2004 death accidental, found dead in a waterless bathtub.