Now that she's written one book, Catherine Crier (search) has got the itch.

The Court TV (search) host and author of "The Case Against Lawyers" (search), says she has three more books in the works. The first will be ready in a few months, but she says its topic is a secret.

Her network threw her a swanky party at Manhattan's Four Seasons restaurant Wednesday, celebrating the fifth anniversary of her daily program, "Catherine Crier Live," Court TV's signature show.

Writer Dominick Dunne was there, and NBC's Matt Lauer popped by to offer his best wishes.

A former Texas judge and district attorney, Crier worked at CNN, ABC and Fox News Channel before coming to Court TV. She said she's found a comfortable home that allows her to discuss the legal and political issues that interest her.

"This is an organization that stands behind you and gives you freedom," she said. "It really has given me the reins to let me do the things that make me feel valuable to the industry, to the public. If you can't have that, why not go to Montana and raise horses?"