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GLENN BECK, HOST: Like I said a little while ago — Friday, this show is completely schizophrenic. Friday just spooked the heck out of so many people. People were crying at home. And today, we're going to find some hope and Trace just said, "Boy, this is tough. You're getting hope from me." Trace Adkins, country music star. How are you?


BECK: Good to see you.

ADKINS: Good to see you.

BECK: Were you relieved that Sean Penn won the Oscar last night?

ADKINS: Oh, I would have been heartbroken had he not won.

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BECK: I know. I was really shocked when I got up this morning. I went, "What? Sean Penn won the Oscar?" I wanted to have you on, because one thing I liked about you is, the first time we met, you said, "Once in a while, I just get so fed up. I just go out to my tractor and plow the field."

And I thought of Thomas Jefferson when he said that he would much rather be judged by a farmer and a man who has his hands in the soil than anybody in a university or any — you know, any learned man.

ADKINS: He was smart.

BECK: He was. He was smart. The problem really with America is that we've just disconnected from common sense, isn't it?

ADKINS: Is that the only problem? Well, that's a big one. Yes.

BECK: What are the problems?

ADKINS: Oh, my goodness.

BECK: Don't tell me the problems. How would you say — if I said to you, "Solve it," how do you solve it?

ADKINS: What we're facing right now is a lot bigger than any one person or one ideology. It's just, it's huge, you know. I think about the president now. I just — sometimes, as I look at him, I think I see a little bit of that deer in the headlight look on his face, because he's — it's got to be the most overwhelming —

BECK: It's got to be.

ADKINS: I mean, every morning to wake up and face what he's facing right now.

BECK: I hope he — I hope he does feel that. I mean, I hope that each one of them that gets into that office has that, "Oh, dear lord, I need help me. I need help," instead of the —

ADKINS: What have I done?

BECK: Yes. Instead of the arrogance of — "I'm the president of the United States, you know." Well, one of the things — we've asked him to sing, because then we're completely schizophrenic. We're a new show that has Trace Adkins sing.

But I wanted you to sing a song today, one of my favorite songs that you do. To me, it's about — it's just about starting over, cleaning up, no matter what you have been through, just get into the water. Can you explain a little bit why that's important?

ADKINS: Well, this song, too, for me is a — it's a song not so much about repentance, but about recognition, the fact that I recognize before anybody else does and much more clearly than anybody else does what my faults and my shortcomings are, you know.

And I know that they are huge, and they are many. And for me, that's what this song is about. It's about recognizing those faults and those shortcomings and just admitting that, you know.

BECK: Yes. I know. You know, one of the things that — as we try to finance for Americans — try to figure out what we are going to do, part of it is, if we could just get past the politics, if we could stop yelling at each other about this — you know, this team or this team, and just recognize, OK, guys, things are all screwed up. I don't care who screwed it up.

We've got to stop screwing it up now, and just start again, just recognize, as individuals, the role we played in our house, all the way to the White House.

ADKINS: Yes. What was that? Arnold said today something, used a sports analogy about our problems that — you know, he said, "If this was a sport, if half the team quit, you're not going to win the game," you know. And I just thought that was so ridiculous for him to say that. I think, you know, it's not always about winning the game. It's about how you play the game.

I mean, haven't we forgotten that? You know, winning at all costs — I never have believed in that. You know, you need to play by the rules, and you need to do what's right, you know.

BECK: America, get in the water, next, with Trace Adkins.


BECK: Well, here's the truth — this show is completely psychotic and schizophrenic. Mr. Trace Adkins, a little music for you.


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