Cool Reception

Sometimes when I watch the president speak before the United Nations (search), I like to look at the faces watching him as the camera cuts away to delegates and country representatives clearly un-impressed by his words.

I don't think they like this president much. I'm not here to argue for or against this president. I'm just summing up what I see. From the faces I see, I'm not encouraged and from the words I hear, I’m not impressed.

They like to talk about our failures in Iraq, but say nothing about more than a decade of their ignoring Iraq.

They talk about their love of the people there, but say barely boo about the billions of dollars in U.N. funds that was stolen from the people there.

They claim to be outraged by our parading Iraqi prisoners, but don't say a peep about the beheading of Eugene Armstrong (search).

They rant about hostages we led by leashes, but say not a word about hostages heads lopped off by thugs.

They protect their own in that tiny independent real estate they call home here. They mock the services and comforts we provide them in the city we call New York here.

They're free to bitch, of course. I just kind of think given their track record, they're the last ones to judge on any course. They sit on their hands and pretend to feel for the world, while those same hands siphon off billions intended to help the world.

We are not perfect here, but we're trying. I just find it odd that they, of all people, are the ones criticizing.

So I'll tell you what, U.N. I won't lecture you on dieting, if you don't lecture us on leading.

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