I am so happy you are able to join me today for the show. I'm writing this early because I have to race to the grocery store after the show and start working on tomorrow's dinner since I'll be working tomorrow I have to get it all done early. And since I'm working, I hope you'll turn the show on so I'm not just talking to myself! Anyway, here's a quick note from Michael in Ohio:

Dear E.D.,

You said you cook your turkey breast-side down, (I think). Also, During Dr. Manny's segment, you mentioned you clean your bird with vinegar. Well, I'm trying the breast-side down for the first time (you gave me the guts, was scared before) and washed it with vinegar, which worked out well, as it dries better than water and cleans better. Didn't know that one. I'm cooking it tonight, (Tuesday), because my mom had to cancel Thanksgiving because she's sick and I want to surprise her. It may be cold, (the turkey) but it will be easier to surprise her if I'm all ready tomorrow. Thanks.


I start cooking my turkey (and chicken) breast-side down so that the juices flow there. Later, I turn it upside and brown the top.

Also, I mentioned that we are starting a segment Dec. 1 where we will show you one great gift each day. Hey, we all need help and good suggestions. Please send in your suggestions for the perfect gift: e.d.hill@foxnews.com or E.D. Hill 1211 6th Ave., 17th floor N.Y., N.Y. 10036. It can be expensive or reasonable, big or small, for adults or children. The only important factor is that people who are watching the show must be able to purchase it. I will keep a list of great ideas that don't make it on the show (I'm getting a lot of book and educational games suggestions) on my website www.hillfriends.com. I really love the non-video game ideas for kids. A viewer, Jenny, sent a great game suggestion! Thanks!

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. I leave you with an email from a viewer in Maryland. It is a gift we can give every day to those we hold dear.

Dear E.D.,
I'm not an overly spiritual or emotional person. I'm just a very busy guy like nearly everyone else in this country. I endure a 3-hour round-trip daily commute to the Pentagon from Maryland and I also have my time eaten up by Navy reserve duty. I say the best gift you can give a loved one is time. Just stop, dip into your vacation bank and take a few quiet days off with your loved one(s). Our culture has us constantly on the go these days and we're neglecting those who are dear to us. Time has become a precious commodity to me. Make time for them before you run out. That's my plan anyway. There'll be gifts but I'm not going to kill myself trying to "keep up with the Joneses" this year.

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