Convincing Rejection ... Coast to Coast?

And now the most absorbing two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

Does Not Consent

John Kerry has urged his supporters to stop suggesting that President Bush went AWOL as a National Guardsman in 1972 and '73, but the Democratic National Committee is not going along.

The DNC says it still believes President Bush didn't serve the country as a member of the military. Plus, the DNC says, the Republicans started it all, by saying Kerry wants to reduce defense funding.

And, the DNC tells the Washington Times, -- "the White House did more to advance this than anyone else," such as recently releasing 400 pages of documents from President Bush's time in the National Guard.

Convincing Rejection  ... Coast to Coast?

Howard Dean's hometown newspaper, the Burlington Free Press, is advising Dean to -- "put the lid on his presidential effort," insisting it's over. The Free Press says Dean's losses so far this primary season represent -- "a convincing rejection of Howard Dean ... from coast to coast."

Meanwhile, scores of Deaniacs have signed an online letter to the DNC, promising that if Dean does drop out -- "we [will not] donate any money, nor time to any candidate who ... wished to undo ... the candidacy of Howard Dean ... [or who] does not pledge to repeal all of the Bush tax cuts."

Alarming Development?

New York City's deputy mayor for legal affairs is having the city remove lights and sirens from her car because she has been abusing them to get to work faster.

According to the New York Post, Carol Robles-Roman was caught by a local television crew blaring her car's lights and sirens, and driving in the shoulder lane approaching the Hudson Bridge. When confronted by the crew, she said -- "I'm not a firefighter, and I'm not a police officer, so I can't tell you I'm going to put out a fire."

Conservative Estimation

And remember last week a Duke University faculty member said his school hires so few conservatives because they're not smart enough to get the jobs? Well, a year and a half before that -- in response to an op-ed pushing for more ideological balance in academia -- another Duke faculty member, physics professor Lawrence Evans, wrote a letter to the Raleigh News and Observer, saying ...

"[Republicans] are dominated by those who believe dogmatically in the infallibility of the marketplace as a solution to all economic problems, or else in the infallibility of scripture as a guide to morality. ... Universities want people of some depth, subtlety and intelligence. People like that usually vote for the Democrats. So what?"

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report