Controlling Your Metabolism

Hello everyone, it's time for a new book club entry. If you are sitting at pool having a nice cool iced tea, or simply relaxing in some other way, these books might just hit your intellectual spot. After all, learning about health is an evergreen topic, as people in TV like to say (I'm picking up more and more "lingo" from my producer). Remember to send me tips on any hot books you will like me to discuss. I am always willing to learn.

Dr. Manny's ranking system:

"Your Child in the Balance"
by Kevin T. Kalikow, M.D.
This is an insider's guide for parents facing a psychiatric medicine dilemma. The reason I picked this book is because of several stories we have done in the last three months regarding potential side effects from antidepressant therapy for children. Dr. Kalikow is a child and adolescent psychiatrist with significant experience. One of the fundamental truths about this book is that it gives the reader real facts to address the perplexing question of whether a child should take psychiatric medications. The author describes scenarios that will help readers identify individual family struggles as they try to find answers to the many questions about their children's mental health. They say knowledge is power — I say, use this book to arm yourself with that power. This book has a potential to enhance parents' relationships with their children's healthcare providers. From learning disabilities to depression, "Your Child in the Balance" covers all aspects of pediatric mental health.

Three hearts

"It Must Be My Metabolism"
by Reza Yavari, M.D.
Metabolism — have you noticed how popular this word has become lately? Speed it up, slow it down, control it, etc. Well, here's a book that provides the reader with a program for losing weight by reversing metabolic syndrome. So what is metabolic syndrome? It's what millions of Americans suffer from after years of neglecting their health. The "official" definition: "A combination of medical disorders that affect a large number of people in a clustered fashion. In some studies, the prevalence in the U.S.A. is calculated as being up to 25% of the population." Let me put it in simpler terms for you — here are the criteria for diagnosing metabolic syndrome:
• abdominal obesity (fat belly)
• abnormal cholesterol and triglycerides levels
• high blood pressure
• high blood sugar levels.
These factors puts individuals at high risk for developing cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes.

"It Must Be My Metabolism" will help you understand and learn more about how our bodies change over time, and how by changing your lifestyle, you can undo metabolic syndrome in six months. Another aspect of the book, which I liked, were some of the practical recipes by Jacques Pepin, such as salmon with spinach and tomatoes. Buon appetito!

Two hearts

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