Connecticut Mayor to Fight Pro Wrestler for Charity

For Mayor Ryan Bingham, a grudge match with a pro wrestler could be a breeze compared with the rough-and-tumble politics of his hometown.

The 24-year-old Republican, who previously came under fire for a page that critics said was inappropriate for a community leader, plans to defend Torrington's honor Saturday in a charity bout against Northeast Wrestling performer Kurt Adonis.

It's at least the second ring appearance for Bingham, a lifelong wrestling fan who became the city's youngest mayor when elected in 2005.

He cost Adonis a win in the same charity event last year by tripping him while acting as the corner man for Adonis' opponent.

Adonis says he and his partner, the "Torrington Executioner," will pound on Bingham a bit, then finish him off with "The Superkick" in the match at Torrington High School.

"I plan on kicking his head off," Adonis said.

Bingham, whose partner has yet to be named, says he's not scared and he's been training with pro wrestlers to prepare. Both men are 6 foot 2, but the 220-pound Adonis has about 20 pounds on the mayor.

"There's not much I won't do for the causes in Torrington," Bingham told The Associated Press on Monday, before conceding, "this is by far the stupidest one I've done in terms of my health."

The match will raise money for Torrington's Police Athletic League.

In 2006, Bingham was criticized for his page profile that listed his occupation as "malebigalow" — an apparent reference to the 1999 movie "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo."

Bingham said the profile was created about a month before he was elected mayor. He said someone hacked into the site to change his occupation. He removed the profile after being questioned by a reporter.