Even as we read of corporate junkets taken at our expense as taxpayers and watch members of Congress indulge themselves with largesse, this past week marked an almost unnoticed day of importance — Veterans Day.

Exactly a week earlier, we elected our 44th president, but that could not have happened without the sacrifice of servicemen and women who say yes to their country.

These are the men and women who interrupted their jobs, education and families to put on a uniform, go through merciless training, and ship off to places half way around the world whose names they couldn't pronounce in order to put themselves in the path of bullets, bombs, and bayonets so the battles wouldn't have to be fought in our backyards.

God has blessed us to live where we elevate our leaders by who has the most ballots instead of the most bullets.

While Congress is busy bailing everybody out for being reckless and irresponsible in their business practices, here's a suggestion for Congress: If you're going to be generous with our tax dollars, give it first to our veterans.

They kept their promises to us. We need to keep our promises to them and make sure they aren't told to come back later or wait or to drive three hours from their homes to see the doctor.

Let's not allow them to sleep on the streets while you're giving money to AIG so they can sleep soundly in nice suites at the resort between their tennis games and massages.

Let's stop financing golden parachutes for executives who destroyed their companies while ignoring the needs of the guys who jumped out of airplanes with real parachutes behind enemy lines at Normandy.

If we have to tear down those stone buildings in D.C. to chip up the pieces to pay for it, the one spending priority Congress ought to have is making sure our veterans aren't forgotten, and a holiday isn't enough.

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