Congrats to Bubba on His Library

I have a couple things to say about the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library (search) in Little Rock, Ark.

First off... hand it to the former president. He did try to bridge the blue-red cultural divide in this country.

At one point he asked, "Am I the only guy in America who likes both George W. Bush (search) and John Kerry (search)?"

So give Bubba credit for trying — don't know if he convinced any hardcore reds or hardcore blues — but he tried.

Now... if I can address another problem delicately. The Clinton library building itself.

The architect is very proud. I guess that's good.

The building is supposed to represent a bridge to the 21st century... OK, OK. I remember that Clinton line.

But why does it have to have such an unfortunate resemblance to that ubiquitous red state dwelling known as a "double wide?"

I just think that's unfortunate.

Then there's the business of the rain.

Hey, Clinton just got out of the hospital, recovering from heart bypass surgery. He looks good for a guy who has lost weight and is just getting back his strength, but was it really so smart to put a guy recovering from that kind of surgery out in the pouring rain?

I was watching this today with a rising sense of horror. Clinton was getting drenched. His clothes must have been soaked.

He had to wait and wait and wait, and then he got up and gave what we all remember as the usual Clinton speech... a little too long for comfort. And getting poured on the whole time.

Oh well, good luck with the Clinton library. And here's a grateful thanks to all the participants for the sense of good fellowship they tried to bring off, considering the recent sharp words between the parties.

I even saw President Bush shake Jimmy Carter's hand and look somewhat enthusiastic about it.

That must have taken some real concentration.

That's My Word.

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