Communist Accuses Sarkozy of Nepotism Over Son's High-Ranking Post

A communist French mayor says he will challenge President Nicolas Sarkozy's 23-year-old son in his bid for a high-profile job that critics say he doesn't deserve.

Mayor Patrick Jarry of the western Paris suburb of Nanterre says "Jean Sarkozy's candidacy should be withdrawn."

Jarry said Thursday that he too will seek to become chairman of EPAD, a quasi-governmental agency that oversees real estate and administrative decisions at France's largest business district, La Defense, west of Paris.

Outraged critics have accused conservative President Sarkozy of nepotism. They say Jean Sarkozy is too inexperienced for the job. Both Sarkozys say there is nothing wrong with the bid.

Jarry said he has a "more human" vision for La Defense that addresses environmental concerns and social equality.