Common Sense: Lessons Learned

If the last six months have taught me anything, it is not to trust anyone.

Think of all the brainiacs who screwed up. All the financial predictions that didn't measure up. All the sure bets that didn't hold up.

And it got me thinking about arrogance of people who think they're better than you and me. Because maybe they have more status than you and me. Maybe more expertise than you and me.

These experts love to relish in it, brag about it and rub our noses in it.

But I think that stinks. I think they stink.

Anyone who loves to make himself look good by making you look bad, deserves everything he gets. These are the same Einsteins who said average folks need help, need expertise, need guidance. The implied message here is not because they're gifted, but clearly because we are not.

Well, let me tell you something. I'd much sooner trust a good gut than a good resume because the gut always wins.

Take all the market crises we've experienced. Who panics first? The smart guys. Who stays calm? The rest of us.

Who said at the beginning of the year we were likely going into a protracted recession? The smart guys. Who had a more upbeat view? The rest of us.

My point is this: you're a lot smarter than you think and a lot more right than you know. They know that. They just haven't the guts to admit that.

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