Common Sense: Did Class War Win?

The outcry over Dennis Tito’s space odyssey confirms what I've always suspected: Rich people are treated differently.

God forbid we ever look like we're cow-towing to the rich. And you need not look to space to see examples of that bias. Go a little lower, like Washington, where Congress is busily re-working the president's tax cut package to be decidedly less generous to rich folks.

Why? Because they're rich. That's why. And because they can take it. That's why. And because no one will defend them. That's really why.

I mean when is the last time anyone said anything good about rich people. Think hard. I dare you, because it isn’t going to happen.

That's why Congress, in order to meet these reduced tax targets, will likely do the trimming from the top. Across the board tax cuts will not be quite so across the board with the top rate shaved, but probably by only a couple of percent or so.

That's not me saying that. That's the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee predicting that. On our air. On this show. This week.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Maybe the class war argument ultimately won out. All those photo opts comparing a Lexus for the rich to a muffler for the not-so-rich. It worked. And it got a lot of republicans scared.

Never mind not every rich person is JR Ewing, or a drug runner, or some Hollywood honcho.

No, it only matters that they have money.

I don't care how the heck I sound saying this. But I have to tell you, most of the rich people I know worked damn hard for that dough. And they pay through the nose because they have that dough. No matter, most who aren't rich say, good, they should.

So tax cuts for the House. And now, as before, the ones footing the bill, are the ones who have been paying it all along: the well-to-do, who haven't the foggiest idea, now, what-to-do.

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