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Each weekday, Neil Cavuto offers up Common Sense, his no-nonsense analysis on Wall Street and Main Street.

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August 2001

8/23: Bleeding Us Dry

8/22: Just Say No

8/21: Our Full Support

8/16: Wild and Crazy Guy

8/14: All Carrot — No Stick

8/13: When the Going Gets Tough

July 2001

7/26: Presidential Potshots

7/25: Time to Clean the Air

7/24: When Bad News Really is Bad News

7/23: Party Crashers

7/19: United We Stand

7/18: Wisdom of a Child

7/12: Courage of Your Convictions

7/11: Keeping the Slate Clean

7/9: Sticker Shock

7/5: A Role Model for CEOs

7/4: Lessons Learned

7/3: Giving Thanks

7/2: Speaking Out

June 2001

6/29: Where Was Bill?

6/28: No Strings Attached?

6/27: Can I Get a Witness?

6/26: Passing Grade

6/21: Staying Humble

6/20: A Time and a Place

6/19: Saving Social Security

6/18: Late to Bed, Early to Rise ...

6/14: Big, Bad Bullies

6/13: Underestimating the Underestimated

6/12: Money, the Media an Public Office

6/11: McVeigh's Final Moment of Clarity

6/8: Losing One's Life

6/7: A Ten Year Plan

6/6: PETA's Real Beef

6/5: Owning Up to Your Mistakes

6/4: All's Forgiven?

May 2001

5/31: Easing California's Energy Crunch

5/30: Lessons Learned With Time

5/29: An American Icon

5/24: Keeping Your Word

5/23: Was it Personal?

5/22: Eyes on the Prize

5/21: Remembering America's Heroes

5/16: Staying Ahead of the Curve

5/15: Stop the Money Merry-Go-Round

5/14: Butt Out, Washington!

5/10: Knowing When to Walk Away

5/9: Worth the Wait?

5/8: Shakeup at Priceline

5/7: Sweeps' Holy Grail

5/3: A Waste of Time?

5/2: Balanced Budgets and Good Intentions Don't Mix

5/1: Did Class Warfare Win?

April 2001

4/30: Dennis the Menace?

4/18: What's Wrong with Alan Greenspan?

4/17: Doing More with Less

4/16: Whose Money is it Anyway?

4/11: Everything Has its Price

4/10: Return of the Budget Beast

4/9: When Celebrities Attack

4/6: Going Postal

4/5: Japan's Pain in the Assets

4/4: Those Are the Rules!

4/2: Give Us a Chance!

March 2001

3/29: Stumbling but not Stopping

3/28: These are Taxing Times

3/27: Watching You Watch TV

3/26: You Can't Have it Both Ways

3/22: Bulls, Bears and Braggarts

3/21: Is Al Human After All?

3/20: Give Em an Inch...