News came today that the Europeans are waking and discovering — mon dieu — that Al Qaeda is in their midst. And — even worse — the pervasive anti-Americanism of Western Europe seems to have acted as a recruiting machine for young Muslims in Europe to go to Iraq to kill Americans.

The French and the Germans have been rounding them up lately. Of course, President Bush is going to Europe next week, so a pervasive problem that everybody but everybody has known about since the first days of the Iraq invasion needed to be cleaned up and swept under the rug.

Bad news is Bush is shaking Chirac's hand and the headline is French national found driving suicide bomb taxi in Baghdad looking for the next American patrol.

Could it be that the French finally woke up and said mon dieu part d'uh: French nationals — Muslims with French passports — are going to Iraq to kill Iraqi voters! Now wouldn't that be just a bit embarrassing? After all, the Western Euros have been lying like snakes, claiming they are only interested in the welfare of the Iraqi people.

So, they didn't help depose Saddam; they didn't help quell looting after, they stood around demanding their share of reconstruction contracts; they refused to contribute at the Iraq donor's conference; they refused to train Iraqi soldiers and police except for a few flown into Europe; they were dragged kicking and screaming to Iraqi debt reduction; they have scoffed at Iraqi elections and rooted for the insurgency as it was killing Americans.

But now, if it were found out they were providing foot soldiers for killing Iraqi voters as they try to do what Iraqis in London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Boston can do — vote — well, that might be just a bit much.

Hey, better late than never. Glad they're rounding up a few jihadis in Europe, John Ashcroft style. But, I still think Bush should call them on their prevaricating, transparently anti-American, anti-Iraqi policies, their two faced lying and weaseling on Iraq.

That's My Word.

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