Comeback Kerry

All the Democratic candidates say they'd change President Bush's tax cuts in some way. But John Kerry (search) told the folks in Iowa that his Democratic rivals go too far in reversing parts of the Bush tax cuts — specifically, those that affect the middle class.

To drive his point home, Sen. Kerry issued direct-mail letters that attacked both Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt for their positions on tax cuts. The Kerry mailer pictures the faces of Dean and Gephardt superimposed over an IRS 10-40 form and a headline saying, "These Two Candidates Want Hard-Working Middle Class Iowa Families to Pay Higher Taxes."

The mailing adds that, "John Kerry is the only leading candidate who will fight against increases in middle class taxes." Opinion Journal's Political Diary talked to one Iowa caucus-goer with whom Kerry's pledge not to raise middle class taxes hit a resonant chord.

"If all the candidates and their positions blur together, something as clear as 'tax increases are coming' makes people sit up and take notice," said Chris Connor, an Iowa voter and salesman.

So who said tax cuts are just a Republican issue?

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