College Corruption

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We spend a lot of money sending our kids to college. But how much do we know about what goes on there?

Here are a couple of examples. Hamilton College (search) in Clinton, New York recently announced that it was offering a temporary teaching post to Susan Rosenberg. Her background? Ms. Rosenberg is a former member of the terrorist group, the Weather Underground. She spent more than a dozen years in jail for her part in a 1981 robbery, in which a Brinks guard and two police officers were murdered. In 2001, President Bill Clinton commuted her sentence.

One professor at Hamilton said of her appointment, “If you’re going to bring Susan Rosenberg here, why not bring in David Duke (search) on race or O.J. Simpson on the sociology of sports.” The heat of this particular hire apparently got too much for Hamilton, which announced last week that Ms. Rosenberg had withdrawn from their so-called “artist-in-residence” project.

Nevertheless, the college was quick to point out the “high value they place on the free expression of a diversity of opinions by people from a wide variety of backgrounds, ”no doubt including other bomb-making felons, as well.

Meanwhile, a new survey shows that 49% of the students at the top 50 colleges and universities say professors frequently inject political comments into their courses, even if they have nothing to do with the subject. And 29% of all students feel they “have to agree with the professor’s political or social views in order to get a good grade.”

Those views range from Ms. Rosenberg’s to the views of a professor at Yale, who came to class despondent the day after the election announcing: “That’s it. This is the death of America.”

By the way, one year at Yale (search) now costs $38,850.

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