Colin Farrell, Whoopi Goldberg, and '60 Minutes'

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Colin Farrell's a daddy, Whoopi draws eyes and "60 Minutes" is six feet under in today's Foxlight.

Colin Farrell (search) and model Kim Bordenave are new parents. She gave birth to a boy in a hospital in Los Angeles while Farrell was on a movie set in Morocco filming "Alexander."

The actor's His publicist says, "although Colin couldn't attend the birth, he had family members standing in and is longing to see his new son and couldn't be happier."

Only a movie star sends "stand-ins."

The publicist says "the three will be together very soon" and that's when they'll decide on a name for their son. Charming. Can "Father of The Year" in Ireland be far behind?

NBC is so proud of their new sitcom "Whoopi" they're crowing that it's the best new show on TV. Hey, it's the only new show. Nobody else is starting their season until after the Emmys. So as the Associated Press asks, is it better than everything or better than nothing?

Foxlight thinks there were a few funny moments in 'Whoopi's" premiere, and liked that they mentioned "The O'Reilly Factor," but otherwise? No big whoopee.

Finally, speaking of dubious praise, "60 Minutes" scored its best Neilsen numbers since March by featuring a rerun of just-deceased musician, Johnny Cash, being interviewed by a long-deceased newsman, Harry Reasoner. The rest of the guys on "60 Minutes" just look like they've passed away.