Colin Farrell can breathe easy — his private parts will remain out of public view.

Farrell and ex-girlfriend Nicole Narain reached an amicable settlement in their legal battle over a sex tape they filmed three years ago, her attorney said Tuesday.

"We worked out our differences and settled. The terms are confidential, and both parties are happy," said Narain's attorney, Leodis Matthews.

Last month, Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle denied Narain's motion to dismiss the 29-year-old actor's lawsuit to prevent distribution of the tape.

Narain, a 2002 Playboy Playmate, had challenged Farrell's claim that they agreed to keep the 14-minute videotape private.

Instead, she alleged that she had the right to reproduce, market and distribute the tape under federal copyright law.

The former couple and their lawyers met Easter Sunday "of all days" to work out the agreement, Matthews said.

Calls made Tuesday to the office of Farrell's attorney, Paul Berra, were not returned.

Farrell, star of "Alexander" and "The New World," sued Narain and several others in July to halt distribution of the tape, citing damage to his career.

An injunction to temporarily block public release of the tape has since been in effect.