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We get lots of e-mails asking us to update stories that we have reported on, so I have done so today in the blog (see below.) I can understand the frustration of viewers wondering, "Whatever happened to...?" since likewise, I have that frustration. I am like you — curious. We check daily on many stories that we have covered to see if there is anything new and, when there is nothing, of course we do not report anything.

The two stories that have captured my attention immensely (and frustrate me with the lack of information) involve prosecutors — missing Pennsylvania state prosecutor Ray Gricar (search) and deceased federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna (search) from Baltimore. Luna, as you may recall, left his office one night during a trial and was found dead in Pennsylvania — dead of stab wounds. His car was found a few yards from his body and I am perplexed why there were not lots of forensic clues on or around his body and car that might help solve his case.

But my point is this — just because you don't hear about a story on our air does not mean that we have dropped the ball and don't check daily. It means that nothing is new in the story and that we are using our airtime to report on other matters until we do learn some news in the original story.

Here are some e-mails and updates below:

E-mail No. 1 — I thought you should see this e-mail. Cecilia Rodriguez was profiled on our show the other night. Ms. Rodriguez was alone in a shelter in Baton Rouge and confused. After being profiled on our show, her family contacted the shelter and she was happily — very happily — reunited with her family. But, I still could not resist posting this next e-mail. SSG Priscilla Gonzalez sounds like a wonderfully kind person and I thought you would enjoy reading her e-mail as much as I did. She has a GIANT heart. I wish I knew SSG Gonzalez... I admire her for her great kindness:

I saw Ms. Cecilia Rodriguez on the air and she is looking for her family. I have three children: 15, 13, 5, a husband (computer program for the military) and my mom (72 years old). I am willing to take care of her… I am a special agent for the military… I want to take care of her... If her family doesn’t contact her, please let me know and I will take her into my family.
Thanks in advance,
SSG Priscilla G. Gonzalez

E-mail No. 2

What happen to the crusade, passion and pathos for the lost child of Aruba? Your credibility has really dropped. Will you use anyone to keep up ratings? Shame on you.
Hayward Erwin
Riverside, TX

E-mail No. 3 — This next e-mail is a coincidence. This viewer and I had the same thought today about reporting on stories we started:

How come when a new media event takes place you drop the follow through of others that you report on for days upon days; i.e., Mark Hacking case; Natalee Holloway; Smith (the man overboard on the cruise ship)? The only one, I recall, was the Scott Peterson case, which was completely reported. Even though his case came full circle, it would be nice to hear brief updates on other events you have intensely covered but suddenly drop when other media events take place. I am aware of the insurmountable devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the lack of our response, etc., etc., but night after night watching a full show of this, you would think there would be a brief spot where you could update the public on previous shows that you have also spent so much time airing.
Thank you.

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
I feel so bad for the guy that died, but that picture says a thousand words and I, for one am glad that you chose to post it. It shows the REAL side of what happened down there. If people are upset about it, they're pretty ignorant, THEY CHOSE to look at it, you put a disclaimer on it saying what it was, so, I wouldn't worry about it. You all have done a wonderful job of reporting the news, as always.
Take care,
Shelly Fitzgerald
Prescott, AZ

E-mail No. 5

I am happy to be tuning into you once again. When you continuously dressed like a male and particularly when you were Aruba-izing, it made me not wish to watch. Now that you have decided to dress again like a female I am back with you. Thanks.
Bob Thomas

We have been so busy covering so many new stories that we sometimes don't get to update you on stories we covered several months ago. In that effort to update you, remember the story about the Florida couple accused of torturing their adopted children? Click here to read an article from the St. Petersburg Times that will update you.

And while I am updating you on the above story we covered, let me update you on another one. Remember the shooting of hunters in Wisconsin last November? The man arrested for the shootings — Chai Vang — is now on trial in Wisconsin. Click here to read an update printed in the Chicago Tribune.

Click here to read another article on the Wisconsin hunters shooting story. This one is from the Associated Press, dated September 14 and written by Robert Imrie.

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