I've been way behind on this, mainly because I had relatives staying with me and consequently I've been drunk for six days. However, this piece of footage is still worth showing, courtesy of the Web site Weaselzippers.

In it CNN's Don Lemon is interviewing a correspondent about President Obama's visit to Ghana. Here Lemon earnestly brings up the "unprecedented" welcome Obama received upon his arrival. Only he finds out quickly, that it wasn't unprecedented. In fact it's totally precedented — if indeed that's a word.

Watch Lemon's response around thirty seconds in. It looks like someone gently pokes him with a stun gun.

Now, in case you missed it, watch it again.


In that instant, you learn a couple of valuable things:

Lemon is adorable when he's miffed.

It's always hilarious when a reporter's assumptions aren't met. Blinded by Obama love, Lemon forgets that Bush did all right in Africa: Ending brutal wars, giving tons of humanitarian aid and, most important, saving millions of lives fighting AIDS and malaria (a disease brought to you not just by mosquitoes, but by your average environmentalist and his misguided hatred toward DDT.)

In sum: When it comes to Africa, Obama has some pretty big shoes to fill. How weird it must be for Lemon that they belong to Bush.

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