Close Quarters

Dear Viewers,

When you watch the two presidential campaign spokespersons on television, you would think it was all combat and that no one "buries the hatchet" at any time. This is "mostly" correct, but not totally.

In our green room (waiting room), both sides of the campaign are seated together waiting to get called to the set. They speak civilly -- although there are sometimes a few polite jabs here and there. Sometimes the two sides have been on TV against each other so much that they sound like friends in the green room (until the gloves come off on the air.)

To give you an idea how close the quarters are and how the two sides necessarily run into each other before their segments, here are two campaign spokespersons in the "chair" (and, of course, make up is the camera's requirement and not theirs):

Photo No. 1 is Kerry campaign spokesman Michael Meehan. Photo No. 2 is Bush campaign spokesman Terry Holt.

Picture No. 3 proves that we do our own work. Journalists may sometime seem like Hollywood celebrites because they are on TV and recognized by the public. But for the most part, we do all our own work (and I mean "all.") Photo No. 3 is Catherine Herridge at the copier in the mailroom.


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