Clint Not Jazzed About Diana Krall

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Clint Not Jazzed About Diana Krall

Don't worry about the marriage of Clint Eastwood and his wife Dina Ruiz.

Hollywood scuttlebutt has the Pale Rider spending too much time with jazz singer and musician Diana Krall, the blonde beauty who wowed Radio City Music Hall this past weekend.

But Krall and Clint have an old friendship, it turns out. She recorded tracks for his movies True Crime and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Last week a spy reported to us that the pair was spending time together in the dining room of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. If you know L.A., then you know the best place to rendezvous is where high culture is going on. You won't be spotted by the Hollywood crowd, that's for sure! The spy referred to Krall as Eastwood's "lady," but maybe he just wasn't used to seeing men and women dining together as friends.

One of Clint's pals insists: "Clint could not be happier with Dina and their little girl. Not only that, but they have Frances Fisher's daughter Frannie visiting all the time. They've a very good family. Dina takes care of everyone."

It could be that Eastwood was wooing Krall for the soundtrack of his next Warner Bros. film, a thriller called Blood Work co-starring Clint, Anjelica Huston and Jeff Daniels. Eastwood, it should be noted, is a big jazz fan. He produced and directed Bird, one of the best movies ever on the subject.

Andie MacDowell Ready to Tackle TV

It sounds like a smart move to me. Andie MacDowell, who's made a name for herself starring in mostly light comedies, is coming to television.

MacDowell — who's currently on screen in a pair of films, Crush and Harrison's Flowers — is looking for the Emmy award at the end of the rainbow. She's about to start filming the pilot for a CBS drama called Jo, in which she'll play a small-town veterinarian. If Jo clicks with the audiences, you can expect to see it become CBS' next big family drama.

Andie's co-stars in Jo are formidable: Kyle MacLachlan, of Twin Peaks and Sex and the City fame, as well as Dylan Walsh, Kathleen Chalfant as her mom and a still-to-be-named Broadway star as her dad.

If this sounds like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman meets Providence, you're right. But hour-long dramas are a good place for movie actors to go when they're raising families and want a set schedule. MacDowell's show will be filmed in Asheville, N.C., which is not only her hometown but also where she's been living for the last couple of years with her kids and new husband.

Adding to the success ratio, Jo will be produced by Aaron Spelling and Mike Newell, the latter being the guy behind Andie's biggest success, Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Social Diary Takes New York

I have to tip my hat to the latest online addition —, a Web site that's devoted to covering the oh-so-posh world of society with a capital S.

In particular, you will be enlightened by the photographs of Jill Krementz, who is documenting this gang with a fury. Yesterday, in honor of the movie Easter Parade, Krementz ran her famous pictures of composer Irving Berlin circa 1974. Berlin lived another 15 years, hitting the 100 mark, and the end of his life, as documented in biographies, was supposedly dreadful, so it's nice to see him in a happy moment.

For more information on him, read the excellent biography As Thousands Cheer by Laurence Bergreen, which of course is out of print — shockingly — but can be ordered through Amazon.

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